Yarn Along with Gudrun

I love Ginny’s Yarn Along – a chance to meet up with other yarn lovers and see what they are making and what they are reading.

Here is my progress report on the two Rosslyns so far

Rosslyn by Helen Shrimpton

A paid for pattern by Helen Shrimpton.

This is a really lovely relaxing pattern to make and just the thing to be making alongside the current Cosmic Cal. I usually finish the rows given for the Cosmic Cal a few days before we are given our next set of instructions, so I then move to working on the Rosslyns.

As I have mentioned before I have made a few alterations to the pattern

and now I have also added some butterflies – pattern by Debbie Dearest.crochet butterflies

My intention was to make a single bedspread, as a birthday present for each of my twin granddaughters (they will be 6 in October). The butterflies were there to make the finished bedspread rectangular rather than square.

Once I had done the butterflies and a bit of the border, it felt like the right time to stop.  Just to be sure I tried one out on Little Bro’s bedRosslyn

Yes, that looked fine so I made the edging and finished one, with just the butterfly bodies to complete and ends to sew in.

This means they will be lap blankets instead of bedspreads but they can still go on their beds.

lap blanket

Also joining Ginx Craft.

Whilst crocheting I have been enjoying the

The Gudrun Saga by Lucy Catherine

I’ve listened to all of the Series and currently Series 4 is being serialised on BBC Radio 4

Overseas readers might be able to catch it on 4 Extra

Do you listen to the radio or podcasts whilst crafting? If so I’d love to know which ones.



29 responses to “Yarn Along with Gudrun

  1. WOW! This blanket is stunning! I am so envious of those who can mix the colors so well. Very lucky granddaughters you have, and truly a beautiful job!

    I recently started a new link up on my EyeLoveKnots blog, and would love if you came to link up! This month, I am sponsoring the giveaway of some Berroco Folio yarn!

    Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots
    Super Crafty Sunday Link Up #6: https://eyeloveknots.com/2018/06/super-crafty-sunday-link-up-6-eyeloveknots-sponsored-giveaway.html

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  2. Wow, they are beautiful. So much work, but worth it. Lucky girls, I am sure they will love them.

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  3. What beautiful blankets! That is a good idea to have a second project while you’re waiting for clues. 🙂 I keep meaning to get into podcasts, but haven’t yet.

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  4. Laurie Graves

    Delightful! Also, so cozy to think of two little bodies snuggling under their blankets.

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  5. Almost look too good to use! So pretty.

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  6. Absolutely stunning blankets. So much colour and detail. I love the idea. 🙂

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  7. That is beautiful. The colors are so soft.

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  8. Beautiful, and I love the butterflies you added. I sometimes listen to a book, but right now I and working through one of those Great Courses that I checked out from the library.

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  9. Murtagh's Meadow

    Love the colours and the details.

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  10. Beautiful! I tend to craft in silence, I am a big fan of silence!

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  11. WOW, the blankets are beautiful!

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  12. That is beautiful! 🙂

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