Cosmic Cal Parts 7 – 8

With Part 6 of the Cosmic Cal completed,

timourous beasties

doesn’t it look perfect with this chair covered in a luxurious fabric by ‘Timorous Beasties‘…..

…….. on to Part 7 in which we meet the dastardly Cosmic Stars!!!

Helen’s You Tube tutorial for Part 7 is  here.

Continuing with the Jumping Jelly Whirl until completing Round 78, I worked Round 79, the first part of the Cosmic Stars, in Citrus Whirlette.

I don’t know if it is because I am left-handed and following a right-handed video, or because I was using a 4 ply cotton yarn which has no give, but I just could not get the placement of the spokes right – stitch markers to the rescue!

cosmic stars

There was much chat on the FB groups about these stars and I was near to giving up on them when one wonderful person suggested working into front posts instead of front loops and this worked much better for me. Phew!DSC_0580

By the time I had worked along one side I was down to only needing the bottom middle marker to show me the way

cosmic stars

Finding the ‘eye’ of the star in the completing row was tricky, so I employed a knitting needle to make the hole big enough to get my hook throughCosmic Cal, free pattern

Cosmic Cal, free pattern, crochet

I was so relieved to get to the end of those Stars, knowing I would never have to make them again!

However, lots of people said they loved them and are making several more Cosmics including the Stars.

Mercifully Part 8 was delightfully relaxing as I continued into the orange section of the Jumping Jelly.

Part 9 to come.


18 responses to “Cosmic Cal Parts 7 – 8

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  2. Fantastic, thanks for sharing, that did look hard. I love it.

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow


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  4. Laurie Graves

    What a burst of a blanket! And, yes, chair and blanket were made for each other.

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  5. Just looked up about the fabric and found that Timorous Beasties is the company name and there I was looking for mice among the roses! Blanket coming on beautifully though as is the chair.

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  6. At first glance I thought the chair stole the show – but I went back and had another look…… the chair and its fabric are just lovely – but your colour choices for the blanket are the clear winner to my eye. It sounds a bit of a nightmare with the stars, so I hope the rest is plain sailing.

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    • Thank you Pauline, what a lovely comment. I’m glad to say the rest of the pattern is plain sailing. I’m glad I stuck with the stars as they do add a nice accent to the design. Another person making the blanket substituted hearts for the stars – they looked good too.

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  7. A work of art! Oh my your chair, it’s wonderful!

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