Strawberries and Wine

Going out to supper on Saturday night

strawberries and Wine

I took a posy of honeysuckle, lavender, both purple and white, and Lady’s Mantle, along with a bottle of Pinot Grigio (my favourite), strawberries and a bag of salad from our local Farm Shop

I had written to The Watercress Company (also local) asking about their packaging see below, with their reply


Sent: 28 June 2018 13:17
Subject: packaging

I love your products and like to buy local produce when I can.

Please could you find an alternative to plastic for your packaging.
I understand there is a clear film made of a vegetable product that is fully biodegradable.

Many thanks

Sandra Dorey

On 28 Jun 2018, at 13:22, James Harper <> wrote:

Good afternoon Sandra,

Many thanks for the great feedback. We have just moved into a fully biogradable bag this week so your timing is spot on!

Where do you normally buy our salads from?

Kind regards,



I was so delighted that I just had to take this biodegradable bag to my friends so that they could sample the salad.

Now to tackle the strawberry suppliers!

Do you have any flowers from your garden to pop in a vase – if so why not join us at Cathy’s weekly garden party over at Rambling in the Garden, where her Vase is reflecting the heatwave we are currently enjoying in this part of the world.

33 responses to “Strawberries and Wine

  1. Wow that’s great that there is an alternative to the plastic packaging, let’s hope more catch on 👏🏻

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  2. Well done for taking the effort to write the letter and for the Watercress company for going over to biodegradable bags. We visited the watercress farm on a tour a few years ago and were impressed with what we saw. Sarah x

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    • It is great to have TWC on my doorstep. I don’t seem to be able to leave any comments on your blog Sarah (not just your blog)- very frustrating – it might be something to do with WordPress, I’m not sure.


  3. Laurie Graves

    All right! Here’s hoping that more places will follow suit.

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  4. Good for you, Sandra! I keep thinking I need to send some letters of that kind myself, starting with the cosmetic companies that use an absolutely ridiculous amount of plastic packaging on their products. I’ve started carrying paper straws to restaurants for use in lieu of plastic straws but some, under threat of local legislation, are already switching to biodegradable materials.

    P.S. Pinot Grigio is my favorite drink too!

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  5. This looks like a perfect combination, I love your little posy. Good news about the bag. I really hope other companies will follow suit. It’s so hard now to avoid plastic.

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  6. I love your tenacity to get companies to change their ways….and your display is lovely! Perfect vase…..

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  7. Beautiful arrangement, and good for you for approaching the salad company. I grow all my own now , and there’s a forest of rocket growing wild in the corner of the poly tunnel. I must try selling it, if I can think of a way without using plastic bags. This year I’m also growing heritage varieties of strawberries which cost 60p each as bare rooted runners. I’ve made some jam this week with a handful of fruit. All the best. Karen

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  8. Completely with you on this….you write the type of letters I do…pleased to know I am not alone. Some companies really do try in on!!!

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    • Thank you for the link to your post. I must have a closer look at the Kenco packs. What extraordinary nonsense! i take mine larger and stronger if anything.
      I remember when Kenco tried to con you into thinking they would recycle your empty packets – i tried – you had to go through some ridiculous process – i just packed them up and posted the empties to them – I see they have stopped making such claims nowadays.


  9. What timing! I love your still life creation. Even before reading your words, the image alone brought to mind a wonderful time with friends.

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    • Thank you Peter – I’m glad to know the picture told the story. Your post is full of interest – what a great gadget you found – I do love a good gadget. Your flowers look like fluttering skirts – beautiful!


  10. How wonderful to receive such a lovely, timely response from a vendor! Afraid things don’t quite work that way over here, where it seems many people out in the boonies where I currently locate (quoting a friend) are oblivious to such things. u.n.b.e.l.i.e.v.a.b.l.e.

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    • ‘Out in the boonies’! Great phrase!! We consumers have to do what we can don’t we, it seems the only way to get through. I especially look for any produce that is not wrapped in plastic, but it is a challenge.

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  11. Great result from the Watercress Company! Hope you had a lovely evening and your hosts enjoyed the hand picked gifts (or was the wine just for you!?!)

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  12. Good for you Sandra! The honeysuckle and lavender make a nice combination.

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    • Yes Susie I like the contrast of colour and shapes in the lavender and honeysuckle.
      I particularly like the fact that I grew the honeysuckle and purple lavender from cuttings and the white lavender seeded itself in my garden.

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  13. Very pretty posy, Pinot Grigio Blush is my favourite too 🙂

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  14. That’s a happy story about the packaging. I can also happily report that all the places I shop at have moved or are moving into fully biodegradable bags or reusable bags. Your pic is lovely – I love the bag of salad in there too – makes it even more whimsical!

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    • (Strange I thought I had already replied) I love you comment Pauline. So good to know the reusable and biodegradable packaging is being used in your area. There’s a long way to go, but as comsumers we can weild some power!

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