Yarn Along: Rosslyns

rosslyn lap blankets

The Rosslyns are coming along.

It is fun to make the same pattern in the same colours but in a different order.

I’m not totally sold on the pale pink (Soft peach) rows in the one on the left – what do you think?

It might look better when I have done a few more rounds.

I don’t like how the ‘roses’ turned out in the one on the right so I will be making some flowers to sew on for the other one.

This is Helen Shrimpton’s paid for pattern made in Stylecraft Special DK with a 4.5mm hook

8 colours:

Buttermilk, Duck Egg, Storm, Lincoln, Cream, Old Rose, Raspberry, Soft Peach

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Alongcrochet lap blankets

Ginny likes us to add the book we are currently reading, but as you may know I hardly ever read fiction nowadays. I do however love to listen to the Radio whilst crafting and am really enjoying the new comedy on BBC Radio 4, ‘Ground Control’, starring Tamsin Greig.

27 responses to “Yarn Along: Rosslyns

  1. It’s a work of art!

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  3. I would not undo the pink. It is working with the pattern. 🙂 Keep going. It is pretty just like it is.

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  4. These are both very pretty. It is hard from the photos to see the pale pink, but I do think it works quite well.

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  5. I’m a blue fan so that one will always take my eye first – but the pink, if it is true to colour, is soft and pretty. (I have grown to appreciate all shades of pink with my daughters love of surrounding herself with that colour.) I love the way you have photographed them for comparing purposes – I’m learning a lot about styling photos from your blog! I like that pattern!

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    • So many different pinks aren’t there. My granddaughters at 5 do love pink! I’m always keen to find new ways to photograph my makes – Pinterest and other bloggers are my main inspirations. I really appreciate your comment.
      The pattern is a good one – nice and relaxing to make.

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  6. GORGEOUS! Both! I love the feminine colors! Well done!

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  7. adelightfulglow

    I think they are both absolutely gorgeous!

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  8. The pale pink is not my favourite but maybe it will grow on you. Not sure it would be worth redoing. Both lovely anyway.

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  9. I think your second one has a very restful attitude, so I like the soft peach in there.

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  10. Laurie Graves

    Fun! And I agree with Cathy.

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  11. That’s a cool way to show these two color combinations! I would say ix-nay on the pink but that might just be my personal prejudice against pink in general.

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  12. I think they are both very pretty.

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