In a Vase on Monday: Flower Festival

There was a Flower Festival going on in the church in our village this weekend, on Friday I met my wonderful 85 year old neighbour on her way to the church with flowers picked from her garden. I just had to take a photo, she looked so happy and summery, she gives me hope for the future!


And this is how she arranged her gorgeous homegrown blooms


with a reference to ‘Watership Down’,

flower arrangement

the theme for the Festival being ‘All Living Creatures’.

flower festival

It has been hot, hot, hot here and the coolness of the inside of the church provided a welcome respiteflowers

There were some ingenious interpretations:

The Owl and the Pussycatthe Owl and the Pussycat

with the ‘sea’ of hydrangeas and the silvery moon dangling a pig with a ring in the end of its nose made me smile!

As did the Very Hungry CaterpillarVery Hungry CaterpillarHungry Caterpillar

and the Jungle themeflower festival, junglechurch flower festival

with a lion’s head!lion flowers

There was an elegant window sill of cats

cats and flowers

and one with a watery themewatery flower theme

and can you guess what this next creature is???

flower turkey

I’ve no idea what I would do for this theme – what would you do?

Outside in the churchyard, we sat in the shade and cooling breeze chatting and drinking cups of coffee. There were masses of gorgeous homemade cakes on offer, but I managed to resist.

The Plant Stall was glad of the shade and the passing tradevintage car

Then it was back to my digging ……… yes digging!

I know, crazy in this heat but I have to do things when the energy and time is available – I have had a whole boundary bed cleared (the one on the right in the picture below) and I am waging war on bamboo and bindweed. But first the laurels, hawthorn and bushes had to be cleared

It helps to have a son-in-law with a tractor to take away the debris and to be able to hire a couple of strong young lads with a stump grinder!stump grinder

More about that another day.

My own vase is just a quicky, gathered for a friend I went to see on Saturday night.posy

Phygelia, honeysuckle, astrantia, and lemon balm, all hastily popped in a jam jar decorated with washi tape

washi tape on jar

Joining other gardeners from around the world in Cathy’s lovely ‘In a Vase on Monday’ gardeners gathering. Always a highlight of my blogland week.

41 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: Flower Festival

  1. rosemikeals42

    these flowers are beautiful. So bright and colorful. Keep up the great work. Love your blog

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  2. I love church flower festivals, such great community event. Was that a swan?

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    • Anything that brings the community together in a positive way is wonderful isn’t it!
      Hooray! You are the first to have a go at guessing the mystery creature!
      Not a Swan, if I told you that the colour theme is ‘bronze’ and the flower arranger is a local farmer, would that be a good enough clue?


  3. Some really beautiful flowers and creative interpretations. Your neighbor’s was just amazing!

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Your neighbour’s display is fabulous! Though i like yours too.

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  5. What a wonderful festival! I laughed outright in response to the caterpillar. I don’t know what I’d do to fit that theme – something with tossed plants and a raccoon perhaps, or maybe half-eaten flowers with a bunny? Your impromptu vase for your friend was well-done. Who wouldn’t love Astrantia?! You did a nice job dressing up the jam jar too.

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  6. The church flowers look stunning. Such ingenuity. I’ve agreed to do a window at ours. ‘Women of the last century’ I don’t even know how to go about that. Any ideas gratefully accepted. More inventiveness with vases – great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just Googled ‘women of the 20th Century’ to see if it gave me any ideas. Marie Curie popped up, which made me think of health, which made me think of medicinal plants …… is that a route you could explore? Then of course there is Gertrude Jekyll 1843 – 1932. Would she count?
      Ooo ooo I’ve just thought of Barbara Hepworth and her garden in St. Ives – I think I would go with that one.
      Gosh good luck! Looking forward to seeing what you create Alison.


  7. I would not be able to leave the Church!! What magnificent displays!! Your neighbor is precious. My sweet mom is 85, but not doing as well. I do hope I exit this world active! ;o)
    Thank You for sharing such amazing pictures. I might have to hop the pond to see this someday!

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    • My Mum is 89 and is in the late stages of dementia Eliz, so I sympathise. Like you I so hope to keep physically and mentally active into my dotage.
      There are masses of Church Flower Festivals going on from April onwards in this country – it would make a fun tour!


  8. The flower festival looks so much fun and your neighbour is an inspiration. Your vase has a lovely, wild feeling.

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  9. Beautiful bouquets and arrangements. 😀

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  10. All of the flowers are so beautiful! Your neighbor is very talented at flower arranging!

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  11. Your big new project is as impressive as all the imaginative and delightful arrangements at the church. There are certainly some talented and creative folks in your village!

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    • I’m digging early morning and then, if not too exhausted by the heat of the day, I’m doing a bit in the evening too. My head is in a spin with possibilities for this new space.


  12. Laurie Graves

    Those arrangements are fantastic! How I would have loved to see them in person. Your bouquet was lovely, a real treat for your friend. Keep us posted about your big dig.

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  13. I really really enjoyed seeing all the arrangements for the Flower Festival! That was just wonderful! Wish I could have been there! Your own arrangement is lovely too. I like that you used lemon balm…it must have smelled delicious.

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  14. Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous and fun arrangements! What a great outing. And I must say, I do love that car! 😉

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  15. And your jar is just as versatile as the tin can! Good to see all those arrangements, and at least these days I know I would be willing to have a go if I was ever asked to do a display like this, instead of being frightened stiff by the whole idea! Thanks for sharing all of these, Sandra

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  16. The ladies who created the flower arrangements for the church are ever so clever. Don’t envy you all that work in the garden. I am melting in all this heat!

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  17. Lisa at Greenbow

    What a phenomenal display at your church. So creative in every way. I would have no idea what to do for this theme. It would take a lot of thinking.
    You have a might big project going on. Can’t wait to see what all you do with this space. Bamboo and bind weed are two of the toughest weeds. Good luck with getting rid of them.
    I am sure your friend was appreciative of your vase. It is very lively.

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  18. some gorgeous floral arrangements!

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