500 miles with Granny

Kingston Lacy

This Summer it’s all about finding shade

Last Saturday I took Master R and Little Miss M to Kingston Lacy, where there is a lot of shady woodland to explore


I just love their enthusiasm for finding leaves and bugs and beetles and the conversations they have about nature interwoven with fantasy, dragons, monsters and fairies.

And they way they burst into exuberance when faced with a long stretch of path to run – “Race you!”


Joyful days

The promise of ice cream

An iced coffee for Granny

Slow meanderings


Dappled light

dappled light

Kingston Lacy

Joining in with Cee’s Which Way Challenge

And Little Miss M and I clocked up another 2.5 miles towards our target of 500.

Other posts tracking our progress are  herehere.

and here

We have done 31.5 miles, only 468.5 miles to go! Can we do it!??!

It will be fun finding out!

I use Strava, an app on my iPhone, to record our distances. It is brilliant as we can see the map of our walks at the end of each one. The children have fun tracing our route and working out where we were.


Will you be going on any walks this weekend?



25 responses to “500 miles with Granny

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  4. Seeing Nature through the eyes of children is so rejuvenating. They add such colour to our lives.
    I have a puzzle of Kingston Lacy house!

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  5. Bless their cotton socks. xx

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  6. How lovely
    Yep every day with kate the dog

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  7. great way to spent hot day with grandchildren.

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  8. Looks like a wonderful day and all the green and shade looks so delightful! 500 miles is a big ambition but I suppose you have a few years yet!

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  9. What great memories you all are storing up! I think Mr. Corgi and I best go walk right now. HE had a steak bone last night and I hi I it’s time to walk it off.😉

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  10. It’s all magical–the setting, the mysterious woods, the topics under discussion, the time spent with family!

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  11. Laurie Graves

    What a delightful outing with your grandchildren! I especially enjoyed reading about the combination of nature and fantasy.

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    • Oh I would so love to have you with us on our walks Laurie!
      Master R is heavily into creating, drawing, imagining all sorts of monsters giving them all powers and measurements. Do you know the game ‘Top Trumps’ where each creature has different statistics to play off against the others on the cards in the deck? He is making his own monster one. What I love is the earnest discussions about how many young do I think they would have at one go or what their wing-span would be. ❤

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