End of Term

Little Miss M broke up from school on Tuesday, for the Summer Holidays. As she is leaving the school, her classmates made her a card.

They each drew a little picture for her, and some of the pictures were of her.

kids art

There were more on the back

M went through each one telling me a little bit about it, she LOVES her card.

On the back was this picture

no eyes

Little Miss M: “Look Granny, Elliot drawed me with no eyes and no arms.”

Me: “Perhaps he was drawing himself.”

Little Miss M laughed …… ….  ……..  a lot!

“Granny!!! It looks nothing LIKE Elliot!”






21 responses to “End of Term

  1. Oh that is delightful Sandra!

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow

    How sweet!!

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  3. Maybe that’s a view from the back? With hands clasped behind?
    Joyous cards!

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  4. Oh I love how children think! Adorable! She is so smart!
    When I saw Elliot’s picture I thought- he paints similar to my youngest birthson when he was small. (now 14) Only thing is my son continues to paint/draw in this minimalist way! I tease him when he makes me a Birthday card, asking him will you just draw me as a head or will I get a body this year! LOL!

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  5. What a nice idea. I hope her new school is just as thoughtful.

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  6. Laurie Graves

    Yes, sweet and funny. A tradition for students who are leaving?

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    • I’m not sure if they do it in every school. The leavers at the top of the school have their white school shirts written on by others in the school, little drawings and signatures and messages in Sharpie pens – I still have my daughter’s little summer dress with mesages all over it. I must get it out to look at again – her children will have fun reading it I expect.

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  7. So sweet AND so funny!

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  8. I love children’s simple drawings says so much about how they see things. I have portraits of the whole family my eldest made when she was three – very interesting!

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  9. Bless her, I hope she will be happy in her new school.

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  10. Oh, how I love little kids!! 🙂 ❤

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