Happy 6th Birthday

dreamcatcher, wall art, crochet

I finished the Dreamcatcher in time for Little Miss M’s birthday!


She loves it, especially as her big sister has one, she seemed especially pleased about that. I love it so much I am going to have to make one for myself as well.

It fits perfectly on a 40cm coated metal hoop which I got from Glitterwitch.

The 2ply crochet thread used is Rico Essentials with the turquoise (Tropic) from Scheepjes Sweet Treat. I used a 2mm hook.

The pattern is Tuuli by Zoya Matyushenko, a free pattern if you join her Facebook Group

Zoya’s patterns are a delight to work, at almost every row you could stop and have a finished designTuuli

crochet doily

I’m tempted to try one in DK to see what size it would be, but just at the moment it is so hot here I don’t even feel like crocheting – now that is seriously hot!!!

Little Miss M’s birthday party was yesterday – on the hottest day so far this summer in the UK (according to the News) – the theme was ‘The Greatest Showman’, there was a bouncy castle, dressing-up, a Mum brought a rainbow coloured parachute for parachute games, circus skills eqipment to play with… it was fun! It was HOT! I got out my little indoor watering cans and sprinkled the children on their heads, wrists and the backs of necks to keep them cool.

Rain is forecast for Sunday – yes please!!!


36 responses to “Happy 6th Birthday

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  6. What a great birthday party, even though it was so hot. I have visions of you, gently watering the children, they will all grow inches this year now! Love the dream catcher, so bright, I can see why she loved it!

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    • It was a great party and Little Miss M seemed happy after her months of planning and talking about it – Phew! I loved the way the children all lined up to be watered! and went away with beaming smiles – I imagined them growing like weeds in front of me! πŸ™‚

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  7. Looks wonderful Sandra! We have had 5 minutes of Proper Rain this morning, with hopefully more to follow – hurrah!

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  8. Murtagh's Meadow

    So pretty. Love the colours.

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  9. What a beautiful and colorful dream catcher! A wonderful happy birthday to Little Miss M.

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  10. Laurie Graves

    Happy, happy birthday to Little Miss M. Sounds like the party was a blast, despite the heat. And what a fun theme.

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  11. Sounds like a lovely party and your mandala is beautiful – love the bright colours! Very wise of you to be sprinkling the kiddies during play yesterday. Do you have a small mister-spray bottle you can use on yourself? Keeping my fingers crossed for Sunday’s rain forecast for you!

    PS/What are parachute games? Must try remembering to search “children’s parachute games”…

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  12. It is beautiful! I can see why you want one! You could make a story about how yours connects you to your Granddaughter’s! All for happy princess dreams! :o)

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  13. This is so beautiful – and yes, you must make one for yourself!

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  14. What a super present, and the party sounds fun. I love parachute games!

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