Two Bloggers Go Walkabout

Here comes a RainbowJunkie

Moreton Station

It is always exciting meeting someone from a train, but a fellow blogger – that’s very special! I was looking forward to our day and RJ seemed very happy to have arrived at my local station.Jane

We went back to my house for a quick cuppa, and then onto the National Trust Car Park above Ringstead.view of Portland, DorsetGlorious!

We walked along the top, enjoying the views out to sea and far inland,  coastal walk Dorset

coast walk, wild applesand then turning downhill towards one of my favourite destinations, St. Catherine’s Chapel, a little wooden gem, which has featured in a couple of previous blog posts. Here, and here.

There is a fine view of the sea from the windows, and always pretty garden flowers to decorate the chapel.view from St.Catherine's Chapel

Outside, in the graveyard, there are plenty of benches on which one can sit and enjoy the viewHolworth

even when the sun goes behind the

Watercraft was buzzing about while we sat chatting about blogging and crochet, listening to the rhythm of the waves below.



Neither of us are particularly keen on having our photograph taken but we thought we would have a go at a selfie as part of the record of the day before heading back to the car for a 20 minute drive to Moreton Tea Rooms for lunch.

Moreton Tea Rooms

We sat in the gardens

garden cafe, Moreton

both choosing the same dish from the menu – very British fare – Ham, Egg and Cheese on muffinsham egg and cheese

And can you see the beautiful gift RJ gave me! one of her fabulous Celtic pot stands. WOW!!!!! How lucky I am – it is GORGEOUS!!!!

After lunch we explored all that Moreton has to offer.

First a visit to Moreton Church, Moreton Church, glass engravingfamous for its wonderful engraved windows by Laurence Whistler.

This church holds a special place in my heart as my son and daughter-in-law were married here, their two boys were christened here and one Christmas with her Dad playing the organ, my lovely daughter-in-law, 6 months pregnant with her first baby, in a pale blue robe, led the choir into the church singing a solo of the first verse of Once in Royal David’s City. It gives me happy goose bumps when I remember that magical occasion.

church window

The floor is beautiful too

church floor

I see doodles, mandalas and crochet patterns

We went on for a short walk to the river, where there is a ford, a popular place for paddling on hot summer days.river We visited the grave of T.E.Lawrence, or Lawrence of Arabia as he was called, then into

Moreton Walled Garden (photo taken earlier this summer)pond with duck for a wander and a cup of tea before returning to the railway station, about a mile and a half away.

It was lovely to spend time with a fellow blogger and get to talk about our many mutual interests. I felt very lucky to be able to show Jane around my patch and on such a lovely day – not too hot and no rain – perfect! I hope you enjoyed coming along with us.


38 responses to “Two Bloggers Go Walkabout

  1. Thank you for linking for me. That’s a very full day, filled with beauty.

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  2. Your chose some wonderful locations for your day out together! Sarah x

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  3. Thank you for the tour – it looks just lovely. All your photos are beautiful, but I especially like the chapel window vignette.

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  4. What a wonderful day got the two of you! Beautiful area you live in, the sea is magnificent!

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  5. This looks like a perfect day! Meeting a friend, face to face, and taking in such beauty–really nice. That church just blows me away!

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  6. Enjoyed your post about meeting up with a friend made over the internet..what a lovely day you had together.

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    Sounds like a perfect day

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  8. Oh my!! So much to see!! And thank you for the links to read and see more!! You live in a magical place!! Absolutely beautiful! And your smiles from your beautiful selfie fill my heart with joy! As if I too were there! What a nice break during my day!!
    The only disappointment I had was……….eggs?? LOL!! You dined on eggs!? I was expecting a beautiful fresh fish from the Ocean for lunch!! ;o) I dream of how lovely your fresh fish must be!
    Altho those plates of eggs were a work of art!!

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  9. That is so cool you got to meet a fellow blogger! Thank you for the selfie as now I have faces to put to blogs:)

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  10. What a treat to go along with you! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! And oh that Celtic pot stand. Lovely and practical. Finally, so enjoyed seeing the selfie. Thank you very much for posting it. I’m the same way about having my photo taken. I’d much rather be behind the camera.

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  11. How fabulous! I love the selfie and seeing the beautiful places you visited

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  12. A very good report of our day!

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  13. That looks like a delightful meetup for you two lovelies! I know how wonderful it is to connect with fellow bloggers and to spend time enjoying each others company. You live in such a beautiful spot – that church is especially lovely and you have such wonderful memories associated with it – it must have been a real pleasure to share! I enjoyed seeing all the photos and can imagine you chatting so enthusiastically all day! 🙂

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  14. I bet you didn’t stop nattering all day ^^

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  15. What a simply wonderful day, a lovely walk, a peaceful chapel, delicious lunch, that fabulous church and window, thank you for taking us along too.

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  16. What a fab day. I especially like that etched window

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