Silly Saturday with Tom

tomato face, funny vegetable

Tom wished he’d looked after his teeth

And not neglected to brush underneath

Too many times he’d forgotten

And now they were rotten

Oh, how Tom wished he’d looked after his teeth!


He used to be proud of his smile

His teeth were the whitest for miles

But now it’s not funny

That he’s ended up gummy

It really is cramping his style


When younger, Tom was so green

Unaware of the dangers unseen

He thought his teeth would stay white

Much to the ladies’ delight

Despite his poor dental hygiene!


Now, to smile makes him blush

Exposing his mouth full of mush

It makes him so sad

He mourns the teeth that he had

How deeply his pride has been crushed!


Tom wants to look for romance

But not whilst his teeth are so scant

Beyond his patch he won’t venture

Until he gets his new dentures

He fancies a set of implants!


poem by Judy E. Martin

photo sent to me by my friend Joey


Another brilliant poem by Judy! ‘ImPLANTS’ HaHaHa!!!

I love how Judy creates something so spot on in what seems like just a few seconds! What a talent!

Pop across to her site and find her poems – they are gems of humour and a wry look at life. Click here for one Judy wrote during our recent heat wave: ‘Hot summer Nights’

Joey grew the tomato and sent me the photo as she knows I see faces in almost anything. I knew I had to send this one on to Judy, just right for a Silly Saturday.

Have you grown any amusing vegetables this year?

Here’s to finding some more silliness to brighten up your Saturday.


42 responses to “Silly Saturday with Tom

  1. Thanks for sharing this…so funny…and it matches your tomato perfectly. Would be great to send this printed to your dentist to post on the wall in the waiting room….in fact send the picture and poem to the Institute of Dentistry: be great when teaching children and adults about the importance of oral hygiene.

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  2. This was so wonderful to read, Sandra. That’s what happens when brilliant minds get together. Loved it! ❤

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  3. He shoulda brushed his teeth!

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  4. Thanks for this morning laugh. The poem and photograph are perfect together!

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  5. How gruesome! At least as the poem says he can get dentures or even implants. 🙂

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  6. A winning combination, as always 😀

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  7. Lovely homage to the great Pam Ayres

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  8. Thanks for the humorous share – hilarious!

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  9. Murtagh's Meadow

    Made me smile!!

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  10. At first I missed what the “tom” picture had to do with the poem- LOL! yuck!
    The poem is too true and well written. I checked out Sleepless nights too. I love how she calls “him” Grumps. I call my real life Mr Tom- Grumpy. (my Mr Tom has frightening similarities to Tom in the poem) I used to call him Grumpy on my blog, but some people suggested to me that maybe he wouldn’t be so Grumpy if I didn’t call him that all the time? No sense of humor !
    Judy truly has a gift!

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    • I love that it took a while to get the connection!
      Do you now call your Mr, Mr Happy!!!??? Has it worked???
      You are so right Judy really does have a precious and most amazing gift. I love what she makes of the photos I send her. You might like to check out some earlier Silly Saturdays to see how she has interpretted the pictures I send her. xx

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  11. Gross — but very funny! LOL! 😆

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  12. Sorry, Tom–you’re kind of gross. But your story has been told with great feeling!

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  13. Your friend Joey did you proud with this photo of poor old Tom, Daffy! 🙂

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