Cosmic Bedspread Complete

Tah Dah!!!       Drum roll please!

At last it is finished

crochet bedspread

This has been a really fun project to make. The journey began back in April when Helen Shrimpton’s Crochet Along started and I finished the CAL back in June, but I wanted to do a few more rows to make it bigger and work out how to make a scalloped edge.

crochet picot edging

The bedspread, shown here on a 5′ wide double bed, had to wait patiently in the background whilst I made a couple of dreamcatchers for birthday presents, and then it was hard to pick it up again.

But I did it!!

I can highly recommend Helen’s patterns and this one is FREE and comes with a video tutorial.

To see other amazing Cosmics, join Helen’s Hookaholics on FB and go to the Photo Albums. If you ever need inspiration for colour combinations there is surely no better place to go.

I made this Bedspread with Scheepjes Whirl and Whirlettes and a 3mm hook:

2 x Rosewater Cocktail Whirl

1 x Jumping Jelly Whirl

1 x Citrus Whirlette

1x Blueberry Whirlette

I really enjoyed mixing up the Whirls and playing with the gradients in the colours to get the effect I wanted.

It measures 1m 41cm – 1m 35cm.           or             4’6.5″ x 4’5″

Blog posts showing progress:

Making a start. Parts 1 and 2

Parts 3 and 4

Parts 5 and 6

Parts 7 and 8

Part 9 and beyond

I am so happy with my zingy bedspread!


55 responses to “Cosmic Bedspread Complete

  1. Love it. Very beautiful.


  2. So vibrant! I love the scalloped edging you decided on!

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  3. Well done – what a great achievement, Sandra!

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  4. What a lovely pop of colour to wake up to! Well done!

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  5. That is radiantly beautiful! So cheerful and vibrant!❤️❤️

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  6. Wow! Strikingly beautiful, Sandra. Amazing crocheted, art piece. ❤

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  7. Well done, it’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Murtagh's Meadow

    It really is stunning. Well done! And I just love the colours.

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  9. It really is simply glorious!! You are such a clever hooker!! I love how you used the yarn, that in itself was both inspiring and intimidating 😀 And now this final edging – wow! I love that effect, the texture is wonderful too. I’ve managed to get a really sculptural effect on the latest Persian Tiles blanket I am working on in secret and it looks a little like your edging, simply by making the petals in a hook one size up. Will you share your pattern with us? Do you sit and stroke your blanket, I’d be grubbying it up with all the textural love 🙂

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    • Ha!Ha! I saw this crochet quote today: “hookers do it with one hand”! Oh dear! you’ve set me off Pauline! Chuckle chuckle!
      Inspiring is what I was going for, as I get so much inspiration from fabulous bloggers like you.
      I don’t feel I can give a detailed stitch by stitch pattern for the edging as I have modified Helen’s instructions. I did give some details of the changes I made in the pattern in the ‘Part 9 and beyond’ post but I don’t think I should put more than that on my blog. If I did it again I would probably follow her instructions for the sunbursts more closely for the edging which come in Part 5.
      I love the picot edging this part gives.
      It does get a lot of stroking!
      My grandchildren were stroking it with their whole arms and leaning across it and rubbing their cheeks on it, just like little kittens – I resisted telling them not to as they might make it dirty – I allowed the three of them to enjoy the experience and myself to enjoy seeing their enjoyment! It wasn’t easy though! 🙂

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      • I amuse myself highly by thinking of us as a pack of geriatric happy hookers 😀 I feel like we are redeeming that old sobriquet! I can imagine it must be a challenge to bite your tongue and let the grandies enjoy the tactile effects, good on you for knowing the experience and memory is worth more than a pristine blanket!! Thanks for breaking down the steps to find the pattern – I was just being lazy 🙂

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        • Thank you for introducing me to a new word Pauline. I had to look ‘sobriquet’ up – I’ll see if I can bring it into converstaion!
          Not lazy at all, I’m glad you asked as I could easily find the relevant references.
          My daughter’s 3 children all throw themselves into every experience with gusto and, on the whole, I love to see them do so and encourage them – nervewracking at times!

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  10. Wow! That is so beautiful! 😀

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  11. An heirloom piece that will be cherished for generations! It would have taken me years, not months, for me to complete that. Thanks for inspiring us.

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  12. What an accomplishment! Your work is so beautiful.

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  13. Oh it is breath takingly lovely! Love it! Is it for you? Or will it be a gift?

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  14. Oh, yes! Perfect with Frida.

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  15. Wow- wonderful. I love the splash of yellow against the pink.

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  16. Amazing work. Kudos!

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  17. Lisa at Greenbow

    This is so cheerful. I love the intense colors and the pattern is so intricate with those scalloped edges. Well done!

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  18. Spectacular! I love that zippy green and the way the orange radiates out from the first row of scallops. And the scalloped edge–it’s all just fabulous!

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  19. This looks really beautiful. Of course I like the bits where it becomes rainbowish. I also especially like the scallopy bits within and at the edge of the blanket that break up the squareness. Be great to see more photographs.

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  20. That is utterly beautiful. I love the depth of colour!

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