phygelia, flower

on a plate

phygelia macro flower

on Monday

flowers on canvas

flowers and berry

playing with flowers

Joining in with Cathy and her happy band of gardeners from all over the world for ‘In a Vase on Monday’ 


Cee’s Flower of the Day 

30 responses to “Phygelia

  1. I love the layout, like one of your crochet patterns.

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  2. Love that,an interesting use of color and texture – makes the flowers shine.

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  3. Yes, beautiful and creative!

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  4. This is so pretty. And you have a talent here. Have you heard of Flora Forager? She creates art with flowers and botanicals. Her book is amazing and if you don’t already follow, you should check it out. I think you would love her account on Instagram.

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    • Angie! Thank you! I had not heard about Flora Forager before but now I’m following her on Instagram. Thanks so much for the introduction. Found her on Pinterest too. Yippee!


  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Brilliant and creative!

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  6. I loved all your floral compositions! Very clever. The Phygelius is very pretty. I’ve yet to get any of these plants to survive in my own garden.


  7. I love this interpretaion of IAVOM – so creative and SO pretty, and hopefully will encourage others to thnk out of the box so thanks for sharing it, Sandra

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  8. Beautifully and artfully arranged.

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  9. Very artfully displayed.

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  10. Very clever! It’s difficult to use Phygelia in a way that shows off the wonderful inner colors of those sweet trumpets but you’ve found a brilliant way to do so. It also looks like you had a great deal of fun assembling these pretty arrangements!

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  11. Very pretty and unusual flower! I’ve never seen it before…probably because it wouldn’t grow this far north!

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  12. I’ve never seen those, love the colors and the shape.

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  13. Pretty and unusual flower. Original arrangements too. Amused by the inclusion of a red fruit. (Unripe blackberry?)

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  14. What a pretty flower!

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