In a Jam Jar on Monday

jam jar vase, garden flowers

A quick posy to take to a friend, all popped into a small jam jar for travelling in the car.

I also took a (re-used) bag of pea-shoots with a few nasturtium flowers

salad and garden posy

The pea shoots were grown from a cheap bag of Marrowfat Peas that I bought at least 3 years ago. I started by sowing them in rows (22. July), but I didn’t know if they would germinate so I also thickly scattered some

pea shoots

The peas all came up and have been fantastic. I have had loads to give away. Two of my grandchildren who are quite fussy eaters, especially where vegetables are concerned, just love to pick and eat as they go past. I take them little bags of pea shoots when I go to their house and they sit and munch their way through as if they are eating a bag of crisps!

I’m cheering on the inside.

Next year, I will scatter sow them but not quite so thickly.

Last week I pulled out a few plants and have sown a row of Wild Rocket, which is just beginning to peep through.

Joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, for In a Vase on Monday.

26 responses to “In a Jam Jar on Monday

  1. Sometimes jam jars make the nicest vases! Your friends must have loved it! I’ve never had pea shoots before, but imagine they would be tasty.

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  2. Lucky friend to get this pretty arrangement. The peas look great.

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  3. Party Mix all the way around and pea shoots for snacks! Now I want to go plant some rocket!

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  4. That’s a lovely jam jar of flowers – I’m generally very fond of jam jars of flowers, just as a thing you know. And pea shoots 🙂

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    • I do know! and I like to take flowers in jam jars as a gift as I can put water in (just enough to cover the base of the stems, prop it up in the car and give it as a unit – the person receiving it does not have to scrabble around for a suitable vase and can enjoy it immediately. It works well.

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Love you jam jar posy. My two each much more greens wandering around garden than they do off a plate. I think it’s just more natural, part of our hunter gathering genes!


  6. I think you deserve a victory dance on the pea shoots! And I’m sure your friend enjoyed the jam jar of flowers – the flowers are a luscious combination.

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  7. I always found that my Granddaughters (I don’t have Grandsons) ate everything at my house that they never ate for their parents!! LOL! Oh the joys of Grandparenting!
    I love the flowers- do they smell as pretty as they look?

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    • A couple of my daughter’s friends were like that when they were younger – they would eat food in my house that they would not eat at home.
      I don’t think any of those flowers have a scent. 😦


  8. I love this arrangement! The inclusion of grass makes it feel like a slice of a wildflower meadow although we know better. So pretty. The grandchildren eating pea-shoots like crisps is, indeed, a victory! Congratulations.

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  9. Lovely wild looking posy! I always hate it when people say children don’t like vegetables, enough to encourage such behaviour. Mine ate everything when they were little.

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  10. The simplest things are often the best.

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  11. Absolutely lovely! And yay for grandchildren eating peas as though they are crisps.

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