Yarn Along: Land, Sea and Sky

cosy stripe crochet blanket

I have SO enjoyed making this blanket.

I usually have 3 main projects on the go at any one time.

One that is Work, one for Rest and one for Play.

This has been my ‘Rest’ blanket that I have been making when I need a break from complicated patterns that require focus and concentration like the Karoo Vintage Mystery Along (a Play project) and the Dreamcatchers. (Work projects as they had to be done by a certain date).

I have made this ‘Land, Sea and Sky Blanket’ in odd moments, in the evenings, whilst waiting for appointments, when I have felt too tired to do anything else and when I’m out and about with the grandchildren.

Lucy’s Cosy Stripe Pattern is the most relaxing pattern to make, with just enough interest so that it does not become boring and stitches (double crochet -US) I can do without looking at it for a lot of the time.crochet blanket

From the left the stripes start with sky, then go to sea, sand, land, sky, sea, sand, land, sky.

I made up the sequence and colour choices as I went along.

Mostly made in Stylecraft Special DK yarn with a 4.5mm hook.

Colours: Cloud Blue, Sherbert, Denim, Teal, Storm, Aster, Cream, Buttermilk, Camel, Silver, Grey, Cypress, Sage, Meadow, Mocha, Pale Rose, Soft Peach,

and a variegated yarn and pale turquoise from my stash that I had used in this blanket.

This is the sort of project I make when doing other things, so it takes no time at all and is using yarn from the stockpile in my loft. I’m sad to see it come to an end as now I have to do the edging and finish sewing in the ends, so it will briefly fall into the ‘Work’ category.crochet blanket, afghan

It has been a delight.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along .

Ginny asks us to include a book we are reading. I rarely read nowadays but I do listen to a lot of Comedy and Drama on Radio 4 Extra which I believe is possible to access from other countries. This is a nice bit of silliness: Revolting People by Andy Hamilton.


27 responses to “Yarn Along: Land, Sea and Sky

  1. This is a gorgeous blanket – love, love, love the colours! Well done.

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  2. I believe it was soothing and relaxing to make because I feel soothed and relaxed just looking at it!

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  3. I love these sorts of projects–I do a lot of them myself, since I have four small children and am frequently too knackered to pay attention to what I’m knitting, but I have a pretty intense need to have my hands busy. This blanket is beautiful!

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    • Thank you Juliana. I only had three children, but knitting and crochet were an essential part of keeping me sane when they were younger! I really understand that ‘intense need’ – a good way to put it.


  4. Lovely blanket! I’ve listened to one of the episodes today. Quite funny, assuming we Yanks have no problems with the Blighty point of view. 😉 Lol!

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  5. That is so pretty! I love the colours you have used and their order:)

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  6. Beautiful, peaceful and relaxing! Just like where you live!

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  7. That is just beautiful, I can see the land, sea, sky and sand perfectly in your colors.😄

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  8. This blanket is very beautiful! I love the colors you chose.

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  9. One of the most beautiful blankets I have ever seen. Oh, my!

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  10. This is a beautiful blanket, and I love the way you go from sky to land and back again. Have fun with the ends!

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  11. Lovely blanket – your colour sequence looks good. Like you, I now have multiple crochet projects on the go because I generally crochet or knit in the evenings if I’m watching something on T.V. so need an undemanding pattern. The trouble is, that means I have projects which have come to a halt because I’ve come to a more complicated bit, or I need to watch a YouTube video to teach me a particular stitch or some other reason requiring more than half an eye on it. Any crafting done during the day is usually dressmaking or patchwork or other fabric related project so my third stripey blanket is underway in the evenings while the woolly wips continue to grow.

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    • I know what you mean about the ‘wooly wips’ – I have several sitting and waiting for me to have the time, energy and inclination to give them full attention – some I forget about for months (years!) as other more exciting irresistible things jump up and down in my head and won’t be ignored. Fun though!

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  12. Oh my goodness! I just got BBC Radio 4 Extra playing ‘Beyond Our Ken’ which I used to love way back in the long ago…….. A trip back in time and a new listening delight for me. You are the BEST!!!

    Your blanket is just beautiful! I am just finishing off my seaside blanket and my daughters Christmas gift another Persian Tiles effort. I am now able to begin work on my mandalas. I found some small hula hoops in the dollar store for a couple of dollars, about 50 cm diameter so a good size. And I just got a birthday gift certificate from my friend Alys for an enormous amount of yarn – I’m all set! What a day it’s been!!

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    • Hurray! Hurray! The joy of blogging right there!!!! I can’t express how happy your comment makes me!!! I’m SO glad you have found something you love on Radio4 Extra.
      I am so looking forward to seeing your mandalas.
      Sounds like you have a lovely balance of projects in the pipeline.
      Thank you Pauline – I LOVE that we inspire one another!

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