A Wizard’s Dreamcatcher

Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat

Another birthday and another dreamcatcher.

Master R, the Wizard and ardent Harry Potter fan, had his 9th birthday at the beginning of September. His sisters both had dreamcatchers for their birthday (here and here) and, when asked, he said he would like one as well.

My heart sank just a little bit as I know he likes purple and khaki green – not my favourite colours to work with. You might remember how I struggled to complete his blanket.

I searched for the right colours in cotton thread and found Willow in Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat  and Purple and Silver Grey in Rico Essentials.

Rico Essentials is a lovely cotton thread to work with. It has a slightly waxy feel – really nice.

Then I searched Ravelry for the right pattern – he likes Squares!

I found this paid for pattern by Svetlana Grebennikova on Ravelry, #1 Favorire

First I needed to work out which hook size to use

crochet square in cotton

I went for 2mm.

The pattern, written in English (US crochet terms), is not the easiest pattern to follow, but Svetlana did respond to my emailed questions very promptly and helped me through it.

The corners were tricky

crochet thread square

but I got there in the end.

This would make a cute coaster don’t you think.

crochet coaster

It is a clever design and I love learning new stitches.

square mandala

I attached the finished square to a 25cm gold painted metal ring that I ordered from a small independent online craft supplies shop Glitterwitch.

To get the piece taut enough it had to be turned into an octagon

Favorire, crochet thread dreamcatcher

I was a bit nervous about that. Would an octagon be acceptable to the Wizard?

I need not have been concerned – I was rewarded with the broadest of smiles and

“Oh! you made it to match my blanket!” and I got a huge wizardly hug.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a little one being thrilled with something I have made. I am a very lucky Granny!


31 responses to “A Wizard’s Dreamcatcher

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  5. In case you were wondering, Eight is a very wizardly number according to Terry Pratchett (as an antidote to H-P, you understand). Octarine is a magical substance in the Discworld, so if he ever outgrows H-P, point him at Mr Pratchett’s works, both funny and clever.

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    • Thank so much for that info Kate. i will pass on the wisdom of 8. In Numerlogy it is the number of financial success as well. Terry Pratchet is a brilliant idea for Master R – he devours books at a rate that makes our heads spin. ❤

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  6. that turned out amazingly well !

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  7. Another non-H-P fan for you, Sandra! Though not a fan of purple, somehow your combination is pleasing. So glad the grandson gave it a hearty thumbs up!

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  8. No Harry Potter fans here either!!
    I love the grey in the dream catcher! It is a beautiful octagon! The octagon is genius!
    It is a wonderful gift! And he is one sweet young man to show his delight! :o) I love boys at that age!
    Boys here in the USA tend to only like purple if they are Minnesota Vikings (football) fans! We live in Minnesota so I’ve made my share of purple and gold (Vikings Team colors) afghans for my boys! Couldn’t make them feminine though (order from the boys) so it wasn’t my idea of creativity! LOL!!

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    • Kids around here sometimes support certain English football teams, but not quite so fervently as your football fans I suspect. Master R is not at all into watching sport – but neither is his Dad. Well done you for making the purple and gold afghans – I really find it a ‘heavy’ colour to work with.


  9. Although I’m not a big H Potter fan (I’ve gotten some odd looks from that), your dreamcatcher is beautiful. And H Potter or not, I think those colors came out great! But, as you say, all worth it in the end when you get those big hugs and beautiful grin! 😀

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  10. Happy Birthday Baby Harry Potter fan, may his sweet dreams be captured and kept safe forever. Just lovely.

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  11. A perfect gift for a young wizard, and what a lovely response.

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  12. And he’s a lucky grandson! The crocheted dreamcatchers are really cool and of course it’s best that it matches his blanket! I quite liked Harry Potter and agree that it might be more than just a story . . .

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  13. A square dream catcher did seem ‘different’ but it looked good in the circle. Like the octagonal one even more! I like the colours too: a lovely rich purple.

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  14. Oh, lookit us. I’m not great on Harry Potter either. I read the first book as I was teaching that age at the time and saw the first movie and that was me done. I’m admiring of how you made the square into an octagon Sandra, that is very clever! I still have my $2.00 50 cm hula hoop waiting for attention but also spied some metal rings in the local craft store which were in various sizes up to 60 cm, which being finer might look nicer for my efforts. But I’m leaping off into another blanket so I guess the mandalas are still waiting.

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    • I got to the same stage as you with HP, although I don’t think I finished reading the book.
      I tried to keep the square shape, but it did not hold the tension well enough – the octagon made itself really – but good to know if one wanted to make an octagon shaped dreamcatcher, just start with a square.
      In an effort to keep fit, I recently bought myself a weighted hula-hoop – it is 104cm in diameter – about 3′ 5″. When Miss E (11) saw it, the first thing she asked was if I could make it into a dreamcatcher!
      Your dreamcatchers are all forming in your mind, waiting for their moment – I’m excited to see your new blanket.

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      • There will be two blankets unveiled after Christmas as long as I remember to take photographs. Avery large hula hoop would make a wonderful frame for a mandala or a dream catcher or whatever – with beads……..

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        • Exciting times craftwise Pauline. Yes beads would be great. The three dreamcatchers/mandalas I’ve made are waiting for my daughter’s house move. When the children are in their new bedrooms they will decide whether they want dingle dangles and beads added. They had hoped to be there by now, but things have been delayed as often happens.

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  15. I’m not a major Harry Potter fan myself but my two daughters are and I would say that looks like a very Harry Potterish dreamcatcher indeed.

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    • Gosh! I have found someone else who is not a Harry Potter fan! How marvellous! I did try – but it did not grab me. My nine year old grandson is pretty convinced it is all real! Like not just a story. If we tell him it is just a story he will say, “ah, but you don’t KNOW that!” as if he is in on some secret we are not privy too. Love ‘im!

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