Somerset House 2

LDB sculpture

In one corner of the courtyard there was Turkey’s contribution to the London Design Biennial exhibition, a cube made of white rods embedded with lights. You can read a description/explanation here. It is called ‘Home’, but I did not find any resonance with the title or the explanation. I did enjoy it though, it must have looked wonderful at night. IMG_1890The best bit was watching how others interacted with the space. There were some gorgeous romantic photographs being taken of girlfriends, couples and family groups, who all seemed to glow within this white space.

It got me thinking how wonderful it would be to have an exhibition of spaces/settings that would be perfect for photographic portraits. For instance, Rachel Whiteread’s sculptures would be perfect.


Click on any photo to see it larger


There was an exhibit ‘Kiss in Budapest’. The idea was that a person would enter from either end and kiss in the middle – outside the booth their picture would be displayed againt the backdrop of live webcam photos of places in Budapest. Fun idea.

Inside Somerset House room after room was filled with interactive exhibits.

This one from Qatar



I could only get a faint floral whiff from a couple of the domes, maybe I needed to be taller, but I did like the shape of the carpet.

On to Germany’s exhibit of recycled household items recycled


recycled bottle tops

I loved this standard lamp made of bottle tops, maybe I’ll try a table lamp one day.DSC_0742

Made from Beach Clean too – win-win!

Here are a couple of  links if you would like to read more about the Exhibition

Kiss in Budapest FB page.

‘Culture Trip’

Somerset House FB Page

Somerset House on Instagram



20 responses to “Somerset House 2

  1. I love the recycling. It’s not only functional its beautiful! I love re-newing/refreshing old items. But I’ve never considered you could actually do that with today’s throw away plastics!
    Thank You!

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  2. Fascinating but I couldn’t see them larger. I think that is because the default setting for WordPress is not to be able to click on photo. You can change it in the edit to link to file.

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  3. An amazing exhibition, I hadn’t heard of it before, so I’ve enjoyed looking through both of your posts. Like you, I like the ones that feature recycling.

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    • So glad you enjoyed the snippets I have shared CJ – lots more online to explore. I’ll definitely be on the look out for more exhibitions at Somerset House.
      We just have to focus on recycling, reusing and upcycling in order to clear up our plastics, don’t we!


  4. As we might say in Maine, wowsah, that is some lamp.

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  5. The lamp is really cool! Thanks for sharing:)

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  6. Wow! These are so interesting; you must have had a wonderful time with this exhibit!

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  7. Love the lamp stand.

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  8. What a spectacular show! I really, really like interactive sculpture and I think it engages people who don’t “do” art under normal circumstances. The examples you showed us are so varied and intriguing!

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    • I so agree Kerry, I used to take my kids to interactive exhibiitons when I could and when I did my last exhibition, many moons ago – the interactive element was a huge draw and a lot of fun!
      I realy enjoyed the exhibits in this exhibition, so glad you have enjoyed them too.


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