Somerset House 3: Latvia



London Design Biennial 2018



I loved this exhibit and sat on the bench for some time as if sitting in a forest after rain. The green was soothing. Watching people quietly drawing in the condensation, watching their drawings fade …. time takes on a different quality in the presence of transient art.

signature symbol

We like to make our mark, carve initials in trees, create spray-can graffiti, but we are transient. Non – attachment is a concept in Buddhism and other philosophies eg Hinduism, Taoism. Practising non-attachment to things, people, events and non-attachment to outcome has guided me through some difficult times. It has helped me to stay centred and whole, true to myself and maintain a loving detachment from the actions of others.

Creating transient art like flower mandalas and labyrinths on the beach has a profound effect, bringing me into the Now at the same time as connecting me with time and space outside the everyday.

The spiral with a 5 pointed star, a heart and an exclamation mark is the symbol I sign next to my name or intial on cards, letters, paintings, being able to place my handprint next to this symbol was fun.

Sitting and watching it fade felt good, merging into all the drawings that had been made before.

drawing in condensation

As I sat there (do you see my fading symbol to the left of my handprint) others came and drew around and over other drawings…. and then this happened – I don’t read music – can anyone tell what tune it is? Just Beautiful!

Just before I left, not being able to write music, I made a tree.




20 responses to “Somerset House 3: Latvia

  1. What a wonderful exhibit! I love your personal “signature” – now I need to come up with one of my own 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s habits, too, when they come across steamed-up windows, etc.

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  2. We always write “HELP!!” on steamed windows as a joke. Now my kids do it too. I’d have to really think about what I’d draw here. That in itself is a wonderful exercise I am going to have to contemplate. I have always been so against carving trees or marking things, even grafitti is too in your face to me. I love murals and decorative painting. Hmmm this exhibit really makes one think.

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    • Ha!Ha! I love that you write ‘Help’! Funny! The exhibit is simple but the thoughts it evokes are deep aren’t they. xx


      • Some things surprise me at my advanced age. I tend to run on “auto-pilot” through most days. Especially when nightly news distracts us with craziness.
        Then I see something like this exhibit and I’m stopped in my tracks and reminded to think again!! LOL!!
        And I’m so thankful you shared. We are never to old and we truly know much less than we think we do. We need to keep learning! :o) (((HUG back)))

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        • Hug received! ❤ 🙂 🙂
          I am delighted to know how much you enjoyed this exhibit Eliz, you are so right about it never being too late to learn and to be surprised.
          Nowadays I try to avoid listening to the news as I feel it is biased so far towards the negative when there are so many positives happening in the world. I listen to discussion programmes, comedy news and satire.
          But mainly I stick to what's news in the art world and gardening.
          Have a beautiful day.


  3. What a fascinating and fun piece of artwork. Something that everyone and anyone can contribute to even if it’s just for a short time. Beautiful message too! 😀

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  4. What a super idea. I’d love to know about the music. I leave a smiley face in all steamed up windows and on the shower glass and bathroom mirrors.. Mr E tells me off!

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  5. I cannot walk past a steamy window without making a mark in the condensation so this artwork really appeals to me! I’d like to sit with you and watch as people added their marks to this wall.

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  6. What an interesting installation. Takes me back to childhood when we always liked drawing on steamed up windows till I realised you can still see the marks when the window dries and then it is messy! Like your drawings. I can read music but can’t sing very well! Doesn’t suggest anything to me.

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  7. Another wonderful piece of art! These interactive pieces really draw our attention to what is important and what is real – this is just as powerful as #2 was. Non-attachment is the key to personal happiness isn’t it. Taking part and letting go and seeing others come and add their offering and letting it go …. it really is a metaphor for all that makes up the cycle of life huh? I love your handprint tree 🙂 ❤

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