Somerset House 4

Now for a quick dash through some of the exhibits as my penultimate post about this fantasmagorical exhibition! Come on – keep up!

First up, Full Spectrum:  Australia’s Celebration of gay marriage being accepted by law

pride Oz

I liked the way the rainbow lights shone out of the darkness in such a playful way – metaphorically beautiful.

gay marriage celebration

Next a room to make you giddy with exotic scents and mesmerizing patterns

London Design Biennial 2018

from  Hong Kong, Sensorial Estates: lift the lids and inhale deeply! Heady stuff!

Hong Kong

And now a quick trip to Guatamala. This exhibit really deserves more time – click on the link to discover more and see much better photos. Such a great project.LDB 2018


Closer to home: Dundee and Shpeel

interactive art

Each button on the black box, when pressed created a different light effect on the wall and different sounds. It was fun to play with these and feel like a conductor of light and sound. I played for some time here and  it got even better when I was joined by a group of students – I got a tiny teeny titchy sense of what it must be like to be Jean Michel Jarre! Ha!


Lastly, for this post, kaleidoscopic doodles from Saudi Arabia – blurred because they were constantly moving. Oh how I would love to be able to do this with my mandala doodles.

It makes me feel charged with electricity just thinking about it! A mandala doodle as a kaleidoscopic mirrored wall – oh my goodness wouldn’t that be trippy!


Gosh I have to stop now and go off into my mandala-doodle-filled fantasy – I might be lost all day!

Click on the links to discover more about each exhibit.

See you soon with my last post about the London Design Biennial at Somerset House.


18 responses to “Somerset House 4

  1. I waited till I could do this post justice.Each of the installations are fascinating in their different ways. I know it’s not the same but have you tried one of those Kaleidoscope apps you can get for tablets/ipads? Your mandals might be fun with those.

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  2. Oh my! More fun! I have learned so much! I bookmarked the links because I need to really check them out more! This is nothing to gloss over! LOL! My favorite here is the Saudi exhibit. That looks so “huge”. And altho I don’t make Mandelas, it really inspires creativity in me as well. Feels like anything is possible- if that makes sense! :o) Thank You!

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    • Your enthusiasm makes my heart sing Eliz – I hope you don’t feel bombrded with it all. So good you can come back at your leisure and go to the links when you have the time. Yes! What you say certanily does make sense – I have been imagining huge doodles swirling around in a box of mirrors all day wondering if it might be possible to make one myself – possible yes – but where do I find the time!! Keep dreaming!


      • Oh no! Not bombarded at all. The computer makes it so nice that you can “save” these things. I don’t want to miss anything that inspires! ;o)
        I can’t imagine though- how long did it take to put all of this together!?

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        • I think each blog post, on average, takes about an hour to put together. I tend to do it first thing in the morning and then at odd times in the day between other things. It s a great way to keep a diary of the creative things I want to remember. And I just LOVE sharing creative adventures with you and all the other blog readers – it really does enrich the experience immensely.


          • Blogging in general takes me forever! LOL!
            I appreciate your effort/work so much to post such fascinating things! I know everyone who reads does too. Reading the others comments/opinions adds so much to the post too! :o) Lots of creative people!

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            • Aww! thank you so much Eliz.
              I so agree with you about reading the comments from the others – that’s what makes blogging so worthwhile and such fun. and I always learn so much from you all. I don’t have friends around me who are interested in the the same things so blogland and the people I meet here is very special to me!
              I am truly delighted that you have enjoyed my posts about the Exhibition so much. ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Love the first one, looks amazing.

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  4. All I can say is wowsah! I’ll be sorry when this series ends.

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  5. Ooooooh!! So many wonderful ideas and experiences My very very favourite though – the one I I really love is the Guatemalan initiative to enliven a whole community – this is the kind of thing that really excites my imagination and shines a light that leads into a happier future for our world.
    I am very excited to see if you have saved the best for last …………

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    • ❤ Pauline ❤
      I'm so delighted that you took the time to look into the Guatamalan exhibit – I could not capture the feel of it on camera but you have described the feeling of hope for a happier future so beautifully.
      The last post I will make is of the exhibit that had the most profound effect on me at the time, but again – I'm not sure if it will come across on the small screen – fingers crossed it does not disappoint.


      • I had a look at all your links Sandra and that one really spoke to me. I quite liked the Hong Kong idea too – except I wasn’t sure if it would translate if you weren’t closely associated with the place. I’ve never been there. Of course they are all fascinating and relevant and having an interactive experiences with each one has to imprint somehow into the emotions doesn’t it. I also enjoyed your delight at the mandalas – I’ve often wondered how to make a static hanging more vibrant and at some stage when all my many wips are finished I shall set to and get the idea that’s in my head into the world…….

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  6. I’m really enjoying my virtual tour of these amazing exhibits, thank-you 🙂

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