Doreen’s Garden in September

thatched cottages

Last weekend I was in beautiful Branscombe, Devon, England.

flowers, dahlias

As usual I had to make my pilgrimage up the hill to Doreen’s Garden and this time I was lucky enough to meet the delightfully sprightly 84 year old. She is originally from Liverpool and has lived in this cottage for 34 years.

She gives me hope for the future!

Click on any photo to see it larger.

84 year old gardener

We had a lovely long chat and she showed me the best viewing points for photos .. Here

thatched cottages

and then the view to the church

Doreen's garden, begonias, September

Doreen has a box for donations to support the Devon Air Ambulance and so far she has collected over Β£7,000!

You can even stay in her garden in this delightful self-catering little unit

somewhere to stay in Devon

what a sunny spot!

stay in Branscombe

We talked about her magnificent dahlias

orange dahlia

doreen's dahlia

She doesn’t lift them but cuts them right back to the ground and mulches them.

Doreen's Garden, dahlia, pink

I do not live in quite such a sheltered spot – I tried them years ago and did not have a good success rate, but I might give Doreen’s method a go as there is no doubt, they put on a spectacular show – if only they were scented .. mmmmm there’s a thought. Are there any scented dahlias?



37 responses to “Doreen’s Garden in September

  1. this is beautifull flowers.. like some vertical garden i’m means.. wonderfull..

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  2. Wonderful colour, and no doubt she will have a garden full of colour earlier in the season too. And yes of course I hope I shall be like that at 84, treasure or not πŸ˜‰


  3. Delightful, both the garden and gardener!

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  4. That’s pretty amazing–your photos capture the beauty so well! My favorite (other than the one of Doreen herself) is the one toward the church. I loved visiting Devon and this makes me want to go back!

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    • If you do go back, be sure to pay this garden a visit – it is a gem – and Branscombe itself is a gem. And if you like, let me know if you are going – if I can, I’ll meet you there.


  5. Takes my breath away! I can’t Thank you enough for sharing!

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  6. How did you discover this delightful cottage? Oh, to visit and enjoy those dahlias ~ thank you for the beauty!

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  7. What a stunning place – I want to stay there! The very fact this amazing woman is who and how she is and the garden is what it is are in my mind inextricably entwined. Let’s all have a rousing chorus of ‘You can’t have one without the other……’ πŸ™‚

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  8. Murtagh's Meadow

    Wow, so bright and colourful. Amazing. She obviously has green fingers.

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  9. Loved seeing all those September colors. Doreen looks so wonderful standing with those beauties. πŸ™‚

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  10. beautiful photos and post. πŸ˜€

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  11. I’ve never heard of any scented dahlias…the one thing botanists have not been able to alter in flower dna. Maybe you have to resort to spritzing it with perfume.πŸ˜‰

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  12. Too bad there wan’t a “Love” button for this because I LOVE Doreen and her garden. Holy cats! I can’t gush enough about this. What a great way to start the day! And if I make it to 84 and look as good as Doreen does, then I will be one happy woman.

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  13. That may be the most beautiful garden I have ever seen! The photo spots she showed you are just magnificent!

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  14. Lisa at Greenbow

    Such a colorful garden. She is a powerhouse or maybe that should be greenhouse.

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  15. A beautiful garden and at 84 too! Wonderful.

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  16. What a beautiful spot. I’d never heard of Doreen’s Garden before but it looks glorious.
    Now there’s something to aim for – if I can’t be a national treasure in my dotage, perhaps I could be a tourist attraction. I’d better start working on it soon.

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