Rosslyn and Crochet Butterflies

Rosslyn variations.

the same but different, crochet blankets

I am making a Lap Blanket each for my twin granddaughters who have a birthday coming up.

It has been fun making them the same but different, and playing around with Helen Shrimpton’s excellent Rosslyn Pattern.

In order to make them rectangular instead of square I added a few rows and some butterflies at each end, before adding the edging.

Twig’s Lap Blanket

crochet butterflies

The first pattern for a butterfly border I found was this one by Debi Dearest

I left the antennae long until just before I was going to finish them off by snipping them and melting the ends next to the flame of a candle to seal them.

crochet butterfly border

Debi’s method of making the bodies so that they do not move around can be foundย here

Then I found another pattern for Twiglet’s butterflies

Twiglet’s Lap blanket

crochet butterflies

crochet butterfly stitch


Crochet Butterfly Stitch


To make the body and antennae I found that wrapping the yarn round twice on each side and then knotting the two ends together after the intial reef knot gave a slightly better finish, giving the butterfly a head and keeping the antennae in line rather than going off at odd angles.

crochet butterflies

The yellow one above is made as in the video and the pink body is made with my variation.

Next I seal the ends of the antennae by holding them near to a candle flame to melt them together so they don’t fray.

Washing and blocking these two blankets with all those butterflies and picots round the edge – as well as the roses took a whole day.Rosslyn by Helen Shrimpton

I still have some roses to sew on to Twiglet’s blanket before the blankets are ready for packing and posting.

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK

Duck Egg, Cream, Storm, Raspberry, Buttermilk, Lincoln, Pale Rose, Soft Peach


42 responses to “Rosslyn and Crochet Butterflies

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  2. I would love to make this with the colors you used – can you tell me how much of each color you ended up using?? Thanks!

    (I bough this over 2 years ago before I ever thought I would have a kid and my daughter, whom I named Roslyn, was born Feb 1st this year!!)

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    • I’m so sorry, I don’t know exactly how much of each colour I used. I made it smaller than Helen’s pattern, so I’m pretty sure that one ball of each colour would be enough to make this size. You might need a little more of the Cream. I will put a list of the colours in the post above.


  3. Wow! So beautiful. โค

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  4. Gorgeous blankets! The girls will surely love them ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

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  5. I will have to bookmark those links – I love the first butterfly you showed and I might use that in the border of a bedspread I am making. (When I get that far!) Your blankets are gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. this is absolutely amazing, I feel so serene and at peace looking at your photos

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  7. Wonderful to make them alike, but different. I had to really look to see the differences, but once I spotted them, they were very obvious. What a treat for those twins to receive the blankets. I know my girls, when they were young, would have loved receiving such beautiful gifts.

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  8. Twig and Twiglet will treasure these! The butterflies are such a sweet touch, who knew there were so many ways to make butterflies?!

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  9. Losing the Plot

    Oh your work is just stunning- well done!

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  10. Absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn’t have trusted them in the machine either. I love the butterflies and I think they would adore a crown.

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  11. So much work and so beautiful. Interesting to see the similarities and the differences. I am sure your granddaughters will love them.

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  12. These are stunning blankets, perfect for little princesses.

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  13. Oh wow! These are so pretty and fun at the same time! Something to encourage little girl’s dreams of Princesses and Fairy Tales!

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    • What a beautiful thought Eliz – you’ve got me dreaming now!


      • All of my afghans are not nearly as ornate as yours. And yet I dream of stories about mine as I make them and create rows. (I never use patterns, I just choose colors that I think are pretty, or remind me of things. Then I use basic stitches- half shell always, popcorn, SC, DC, and mix them up as I go. Popcorn stitch makes fun shapes- hearts- cars for my son 10 years ago- delighted him! He’s 14 now) I’ve even crocheted “crazy” afghans this way using bits of yarn and changing directions of the rows as I go. looking like patches.
        Each recipient quickly looks confused when I begin to tell them what the story of their afghan is! So sadly I tell few. The stories are like dreams of love and caring, lives with hope as you throw it over you. The younger recipients the more magical the stories! I remember what delighted me as a child!
        I’ve got 4 afghans plus a prayer shawl boxed to go from Minnesota to Missouri in a few weeks. I’ll take some pictures and write this down. I’m inspired now to write/photograph this down now- so thank you! :o) (((HUG)))

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  14. What beautiful blankets! Those personal touches are so pretty- they will be much loved blankets!

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  15. Murtagh's Meadow

    So beautiful and the butterflies are just so sweet.

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  16. The blanket pattern alone is highly admirable – your additional touches are mind blowing. You must be the best grandmother ever!! You inspire me ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Oh Pauline it always warms my heart to know if anything I post inspires others. I am so inspired by your work and that of all the amazing talents in blogland, it is just wonderful to know if it is a two way process. Thank you for your lovely comment.

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  17. Lisa at Greenbow

    Even though I watched the video it all seems like magic. Such beautiful blankets.

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