Knolling, Flat Lay, Assemblage Art

flat lay, leaves, autumn, fall, flowers

As you can see I’m learning even more new terms.

The honeysuckle in my garden is having a second flush of blooms and the scent is heavenly in these sunny Autumn days. It inspired this Flat Lay piece of Assemblage art which includes a few verbascum blooms and birch leaves.

And did you know about Knolling ……… no? Nor me ….until I was enlightened by Instagram

knolling is “the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization”.

knolling, leaves, nature, flatlay, autumn, fall

I’m so fascinated by the markings on these leavesflatlay, leaves, Fall, Autumn

Leaf love!

leaf love

Yellow and grey are In!

little forest

(Mini birch forest)

Yesterday’s spiral of leaves were drying out but still looking gorgeous enough to adorn with some Marigold petals and Honeysuckle

spiral, autumn, leaves and petals

Oh! Ah! Oooo! the morning dew on Marigolds!!!!!! ย I’m just loving this Autumn.

morning dew on marigold

I’m not a fan of yellow flowers in the garden as a rule, but couldn’t you just dive into this buxom bloom.

Why not add some honeysuckle berriesspiral of leaves and petals

I did 3 hours of digging in my garden yesterday in the Battle Against Bamboo (and bindweed!) So I could enjoy some guilt free playtime with petals and leaves.

autumn spiral

A Flat Lay extravaganza!

Not In a Vase, but all from my garden, I am once again joining in the IAVOM Garden Party this week.


Cee’s FOTD.

58 responses to “Knolling, Flat Lay, Assemblage Art

  1. Such an excellent way to observe and notice nature more deeply and artfully! I’m a big honeysuckle fan myself. I should try my hand in knolling as I’ve been collecting a lot of shed bark in the woods. Thank you for sharing and happy new year!

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  2. Fabulous! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Those leaves are really amazing’ and the different ways you have organized them is wonderful. You are so creative! The marigold closeup could win a photo contest, that is just a wow!

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  4. Actually, I love all of them.

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  5. LOVE your assemblages.. especially the first one!!! Now I feel the need to play along…..

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  6. These are absolutely wonderful Sandra – it gave me so much pleasure reading this post and seeing these astonishing creations. The whole concept of this type of assemblage art excites my senses – and knolling! To think people have doing this with all sorts of different things without knowing there is a name for it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love the mini beech forest – but then I just love all of them…thank you so much Sandra!

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    • You are so very welcome Cathy – your meme inspires me to make the most of what I find in the garden.
      Knolling! Yes! what a strange word for it – sounds like lolling and that is definitely not what things in rows are doing!

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  7. I love all of them, Sandra! Last week, another blogger wrote about “leaf stacking,” a similar idea. I find I’ve missed out on all sorts of foliage and floral fun until now.

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  8. You are an education. I’ve never heard that term. This is such a good way to appreciate the colours and markings. I’ll have to have a go sometime. It’s really good to focus on the detail sometimes.

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  9. Oh such fine art work and you are so talented and creative. I could never have come up with these designs, ๐Ÿ˜€

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  10. Congratulations on spending three hours battling bamboo and bindweed! I love your gorgeous flat lay pieces and the intricately patterned leaves are mesmerising. Happy Monday!

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  11. I adore these lay outs or Flat Lays…..and learning the new terms. What a wonderful way to make art. I have to give it a try!

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  12. I can see you are really on a roll!

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  13. this is so beautiful! I love the markings on the leaves. The contrast is perfect!

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  14. Oh my goodness me, you have been having fun with petals and birch tree leaves! I love those leaves when they are golden and carpeting the ground. They remind me of a book I read when I was about 8 called ‘John, Mary and Lisetta’. Lisetta was a bit of a wild child, living alone in the woods (as if !) and she referred to the golden birch tree leaves as fairy gold. I think of that story every autumn, and have been doing so for 60 years now! My Monday vase is a very summery affair!

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    • Magical memories!
      I Googled the book – how charming! a series of fairy tales – I will explore further when I have more time – thanks so much for the introduction. And thank you for your link – I’m popping over right now!


  15. So pretty! I love fall leaves!

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  16. Smashing! And just as good as in a vase. And I certainly agree that they are frame-worthy.

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  17. I love the leaves on their own. Their pattern really draws you in doesn’t it! It does not get old!

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  18. It’s a lovely autumnal palette you have for us today Sandra. I can imagine you happily gathering your bits and laying them out in various patterns. A most delightful meditative practise! Currently I have great sweeps of the aroma of Jasmine wafting in through my open doors and windows…. it seems to be everywhere as the weather (warm, still, close) encourages the scent to stay close to the ground and not waft up and away as it usually does.

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  19. These arrangements look gorgeous – they make very ‘frameworthy’ images.
    I will have the phrase ‘buxom bloom’ in my head all day and will now be constantly looking for opportunities to use it in the garden.

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    • HaHa! Did you find any buxom blooms to admire in your garden?! Thank you for your lovely comment – I’m wondering about having some of the photos printed on perspex blocks – I’m thinking they might look good in a kitchen.

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