Result of the Christmas Card Giveaway

There is SO much I’m itching to tell you about, my mnd is in a bit of a happy whirl with it all. I went away for a couple of fun-packed, creativity-packed weeks and it is taking me ages to come back to earth and order my thoughts enough to make some coherent blog posts. But first – the results of the Giveaway!

19 people voted, 18 wanted to be included in the Christmas Card Giveaway

Thank you so much to all who let me know which picture they liked the best

It was a close run between the all white card and the one with the green hearts

Votes as follows:

9 votes for the White Tree

6 votes for the Green Hearts

4 votes for the Red Berries

Most of my family liked the Green Hearts best so I decided to have the White Shells and the one with the Green Hearts printed. And the proofs have arrived – but I’m not happy with them. cardsThey don’t seem to have the vibrancy they need. So I will need to go back to the printer and see if we can sort that out. A shame as I was hoping to have them ready to send out by now.

Anyway – enough of that – you want to know who won!

I wrote the names on some pages I was using for collage


folded them and popped them in a bag and asked Cathy’s husband Mr E. to pick out three pieces of paper for me.

IMG_2332And the winners are …..





Karina of Murtagh’s Meadow

Kerry of Love those ‘Hands at Home’


Jamie of Hook This Weave That


Congratulations all!

As soon as I have the cards printed I will be sending you 3 each.

Please go to my Contact Me page and email me your postal address.

Thanks again to everyone who took part, it was such a help to get your comments.


24 responses to “Result of the Christmas Card Giveaway

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  2. Darn about the printing. But they still look very nice from your photo! Congratulations to the winners!! :o)

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  3. Calloo callay!! I’m so excited! Wheeeeeeee!

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Oh wow. How exciting. Thank you so much!!

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  5. Congrats to the winners! Hope you get the color sorted Daffy.

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  6. Wow. 🙂 I never usually win anything. I shall send you my details.
    Shame the first batch did not come out quite right. Look forward to receiving the cards when you are happy with them.

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  7. Shame about the printing. Hope you get it sorted.

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  8. Congratulations to the lucky winners. Sorry your proofs aren’t to your liking. Hopefully, your printer can take care of it for you and you can get what you envision! They’re lovely!

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  9. well done to the winners!
    I think the printed cards look lovely, especially the one without beads. The natural colour of shells really is gorgeous.

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  10. Congrats to the winners, well done.

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  11. What a shame you don’t like the proofs – I hope the printer can help you with that .
    Congrats to the lucky winners.

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  12. Congratulations to all the winners. Sorry that the red one didn’t win, it was so vibrant! xx

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