Next Year’s Monthly Meet Up

Next Tuesday, 4th December, is our last Photographic Meet Up for 2018


It has been a great year. I have loved seeing what each of you make of the prompt each month.  Thank you so much to all who have joined in this year and shared your fabulous entries.

On 6th November I was travelling and I forgot to tell you about my plans for next year,  so here goes…..

The photo below is a clue

photo challenge

The challenge will still become live on the first Tuesday of each Month and remain open for entries until the following month.

My cunning plan for 2019 is to have just one subject for the whole year.

A chance to get creative, inventive and to look out for interesting and quirky aspects of. ………..

Another clue

lattice window

Can you guess what our one word prompt for the year will be?window

Yes of course …

shop window


(Cathy I’m sure you recognize the last one from our day in Whitby – we forgot about going in there on the way back, drat!)

We start on Tuesday, 1st January – New Year’s Day! Which might not be a day when you want to think about blogging and photography but remember the challenge is open for the whole month so pop in any time and leave your link in the comments.


I’m off to find some GLITZ.



21 responses to “Next Year’s Monthly Meet Up

  1. Hi Sandra! I’m just getting back to my blog (and reading my favorites) so this was a great one to pop onto. And I enjoyed your previous photo challenge so much before that I will join you for the 2019 windows challenge!!

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  2. I need to get back to working on my abysmal photography, I need to make a goal!

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  3. I almost thought it was “reflection”! LOL! All of the beautiful reflections in the window glass!
    I LOVE windows! Can not wait to see!

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  4. Ooooo, I LOVE the challenge for 2019. Love windows (and doors) – so many possibilities!!! Good one! And thank you for running this year’s challenge, Daffodil. It’s been great fun.

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a great idea, a challenge for a year! I will be on look out for some suitable windows! But first i will need to find some glitz too!!!

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  6. Glitz would be hard to find in central Maine, a down-to-earth place. Good luck! Also, love the theme of windows. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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  7. WINDOWS! I guessed 😀 It’s a splendid plan and even I who “never has her phone on her when she goes out walking – duh!!!” might actually get to remember to take her phone and join in now and again 🙂

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  8. Darn it, I did want the bee brooch. Looking forward to doing some window spotting, oh and some glitz.

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