The Joys of Whistle Stop Cottage

Whistle Stop Cottage, Newbridge, Nr. Pickering is a gem. I found it through Air BnB,

click on the link to see photos.

It was right by the Steam Railway line and at the time I was there there was always some activity to be seen whilst they were carrying out necessary maintenance.

North Yorkshire steam railway

The above picture was taken at the bottom of the garden.

The one below taken from my bedroom window.

track maintenance

The machine seemed to be levelling the gravel underneath and beside the tracks. There was much laughter and friendly banter going on for most of the day. railway

Walking to the end of the row of cottages brought you to a path


that went over the railway in front of another row of cottagesDSC_0489

steam railway and into the woods beyond


Following this path through the woods I could get to Pickering in about 15 minutes

Such a delightful walk


Then just before you got to the station you could cross the railway again and walk back along the path and see all the vintage carriages waiting to be of service.

vintage carriages

Then along by the river

autumn colours

over a stone stile and pass by a row of dwellings where a lovely gazebo awaited


summer gatherings on balmy nights under the fairy lights, a few bottles of wine and warm conversation.

Then back along the path to the cottage,


What a delightful walk to the shops.

There was filming going on at the stationIMG_2296





Lights, camera, action! I saw hustle and bustle but nothing very interesting exceptsteam train when the train was puffing by and helicopters swooped over headvintage train

look at these fabulous old wooden carriagesvintage carriages

rolling stock, wooden

And after all that excitement, at the end of the day, I could cosy up,  light the fire and carry on with my collage …… mmmmmmmm bliss!


I was so happy in that cottage and got to chat with a few of my neighbours there, a little hamlet of about 10 houses. I would have been happy to stay for much longer.

In the next post you wll be coming on a trip to Dalby Forest with me and Cathy, to see that Nissen Hut.


Joining in with Cee’s ‘Which Way’ photo challenge.

hosted now by Son of a Beach.

Click on the photos to see them full screen.



30 responses to “The Joys of Whistle Stop Cottage

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  2. I’m pretty sure I have done that very walk!!! We are heading back to Pickering for a visit soon!

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  3. That looks a wonderful location, those wooden railway carriages are beautiful reminds me of the railway children. Sarah x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful country, and those train photos are great!

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  5. Its like a fairy tale! So lovely! So cozy! So inviting! A memory to cherish!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I can understand why you wanted to stay longer – it sounds like the kind of place I dream of living in – and a fire and collage to go home to is perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hahaha! Nope, it’s never too late. These are terrific shots. The locale and the old train cars are fantastic! Thanks a bunch for joining in. 😊😊

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  8. Utterly charming, despite the noise. Yes, work must be done, and sometimes it is noisy. Those of us who live in the country know and accept this.

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  9. What a delightful little trip you had! The hubbub around the cottage sounds like fun and the walk to the village sounds perfect. I would love to get a better look at the wood rail cars . . .

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  10. Lisa at Greenbow

    It seems there are endless charming villages and walks in your part of the world. I feel fortunate to get to see them through your eyes. Interesting that there was filming going on in this area. I wonder what the filming was for?

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad you are enjoying glimpses of our countryside Lisa. Cathy tells me she has discovered that they were making a TV documentary about the railway for our Channel 5. I shall be looking out for it.


  11. Looks very idyllic and even the workmen sound interesting and the filming. What fun!

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  12. It looks like a wonderful place to stay. I do admire your attitude – that you seemed to enjoy the fact that work was going on at the end of the garden whereas most people would probably have moaned about it.
    Those wooden train carriages look beautiful. Are they used for anything?

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    • 🙂 well, it was a bit noisy, but I love that those guys are all volunteers and so happy in their work. I am a farmer at heart and know that seasonal work just has to be done.
      Cathy said the wooden train carriages do not get used very often so I can only guess they were being used in the film that was being made. I’d love to have seen inside them.

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  13. That looks an idyllic place, beautiful photos and I love the old trains.

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  14. Your photos are amazing, love them. Don’t I live somewhere lovely. I have since found out that they were filming a documentary about the North Yorks Moors Railway for Channel Five.

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