I know I said we would be off to Dalby Forest in this post – but I was getting ahead of myself – my thoughts and memories of my trip are still in a glorious jumble!

So instead we are off to Whitby! On our first jaunt, Cathy took me across the moors to this fascinating place. We parked near the harbour – rich in photographic opportunities

lobster pots

tall ship


and headed for the restaurant famous for it’s fish and chips: The Magpie Cafe The Magpie Cafe, Whitby

What a location! Standing on those steps one looks straight across the harbour to St Mary’s ChurchSt Mary's Church Whitby

see the mouthwatering menufish dish


We found the perfect spot to sit – what a view …. just had to take another photoWhitby

And here’s the food shot – just for you Sheila!

I went for the top one on the menu, Cathy enjoyed the house speciality.fishdish

Yum YuMmmmmmmm!

Now for a walk along the Pier to use up a few of those calories, passing by a Dracula Emporium on the way – there is a very Gothic air to Whitby. You can find out more about the Dracula connection here. I’m rather glad I missed Halloween!


The day was overcast adding to the Gothic atmosphere, from the pier we looked along the coastcoast

and back towards the church and castle


and then for a brief dramatic moment – ta dah! The sun lit up the church!


The church was our next destination, so we headed back into town, across the bridge passing lots of intriguing little alleyways and shops


and up the 199 stepsDSC_0486

From the top we could see where we had been on the PierWhitby

St Mary’s is the most extraordinary church I have ever been inside. I was so overcome by its vast size, and extravagant style that I didn’t take many photos, I was agog. It was filled with Box Pews – hundreds of them, no open pews, and they filled not only the huge floorspace but they went on up into the raftersDSC_0493

Apparently it can seat over 2,000 people! I wonder when that last happened.

Intriguing and bizarre


See more from Google images here.

If you want to read more about it the Whitby Museum website is a good place to start. A most extraordinary place.

We did not have time to look at the nearby Abbey on that occasion – the days at this time of year are so short!

We made a quick visit to Robin Hoods Bay, where there is a very weird, and I would say ugly, sculpture to celebrate the Millenium. Neither of us could make any sense of. It was so bizarre that I could not get a photo of it that made any sense either. You can  read about it here and see more images here.

We drove back with the low light giving a glow to the magnificent autumn colours. What a fabulous day, we had such a good time, chatting happily away all day long. I’m so very grateful to Cathy for taking me to these weird and wonderful places.

Thank you Cathy!



32 responses to “Whitby

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  2. Goodness I could barely read what you wrote because the photos were so mesmerizing!! The menu at the Magpie is my kind of menu! YUM!!
    Love-love-love the views!

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  3. Great tour, thank you! The church pews are really different…maybe they were sold to help finance the church? Lots of people must have paid! That statue is truly ugly and bizarre!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed it Kathy. Yes, you are right about the church selling off the box pews to raise money – seems to go against the whole ethos of Christianity in my mind – but when were humans ever logical or consistent in their belief systems!?!

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  4. Those plates of food look huge and delicious! How lucky to capture the sunlight on the church. We will certainly have a look in St Mary’s Church we still have a church with wooden pews like that in Bridport. We had a meeting in there the other night and although it looks lovely it was quite uncomfortable to sit in for very long! Sarah x

    Liked by 1 person

    • St Mary’s is a must! There is masses to do and see in Whitby. Which church is it in Bridport with the Box Pews? Are there open pews as well? I think those boxes must have been very uncomfortable, it is hard to understand the point of them.


  5. Oooh that plate of fish, chips and a bowl of mushy peas – heaven. We saw that cafe/ restaurant when we went a good few years ago. People were queuing up those steps waiting to get in, we suspected it must be something special.

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  6. Your photos brought back many happy memories of holidays in Whitby with my kids, I love the place, thank you 🙂

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  7. I have many happy childhood memories of Whitby – we used to visit for a week every summer. It doesn’t look like much has changed – even the Magpie Cafe looks the same, and I haven’t visited for well over 20 years!

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  8. That sculpture is strange as you say. (I followed the link). Really interesting to see all your photos, including lunch! Whitby is on my ‘visit one day’ list but more for Whitby Abbey and the Synod than Dracula! 🙂

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  9. Your pictures make me want to return to Whitby! And I’ve even been to Robin Hood Bay. Before the sculpture.

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  10. I had a hard time getting past the menu on the chalkboard–I’m already looking forward to dinner now, even though it’s 6 a.m.!! Your day sounds so great–Whitby looks like a fascinating place to visit!

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  11. Lisa at Greenbow

    All I can say is that it is no wonder your head is still spinning with all that you did and saw on this trip. What a time! That sculpture appears to not be finished to me. As if the sculptor didn’t quite know what to do beyond this point so just stopped working on it. The church is magnificent as are the views surrounding it.

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  12. Murtagh's Meadow

    Looks like a great place to visit. The harbour photos are particularly lovely.

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  13. Whitby is a great place, also Staithes. It’s a long time since I was in Robin Hoods Bay – Pre sculpture times in fact so I couldn’t make any comment on it 😉 It does look pretty weird though!

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  14. You popped into my inbox just as I was getting ready to shut down for the night – so of course I couldn’t resist hurrying over. What a fascinating place! I love the quirky old shops of England and of course a good fish and chips cannot be passed by. There is a Whitby connection here did you know. Via Captain James Cook, who claimed New Zealand for England back in the day – completely omitting to notice it had been already claimed by others previously as they did – there is a suburb bearing that name north of Wellington which is my old stamping ground. It doesn’t have any of the charm of your Whitby, but does overlook a nice little inlet.. Just thought I’d share this little tidbit of trivia 🙂 Have a good weekend

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  15. I love the picture you took as the sun came out. I just want to add that I couldn’t finish that vast plate of haddock and chips, but by golly it is good.

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