Dalby Forest: 1

One of the best days in Yorkshire was when Cathy took me on a favourite walk of hers in Dalby Forest, to the Bridestones, you can see a map and description here.


We climbed up through the woods


and were both in awe of the colours, especially the larches

larch, autumn

Which are particularly gorgeous this year


I can just imagine one of Kate Davies’ designs knitted in the colours above

Yorkshire, Dalby Forest

My hair used to be the colour of that bracken! Seems like another life entirely.

Dalby Forest, Bridestones

North Yorkshire


We arrived at the top where the Bridestones are.

Now this stoneYorkshire is referred to as the Pepperpot, but to me she was an old lady, maybe the wise old matchmaker calling Coooo-eeeeeeeee, down the valley


this is her view


A little further along there is an Elf’s tunnel, I had to squat right down low to get this picture, a 3 year old could just about walk through it, and elves of course.

Elf's tunnel


now down into the valley


where we could hear a squawking bird


With a wonderful free App on my phone ‘Chirp’ I could identify it as a Jay, then we saw the Jay flitting through the trees, sounding very perturbed about something – like this

looking back


and nearly back to the car now


Oh what a fabulous walk.

Click on any photo to see it full screen.

The day was not over Β  Β ………

off we went to see Rachel Whiteread’s Nissen Hut …………



23 responses to “Dalby Forest: 1

  1. We have a field of Tamaracks (as we call them) on our acreage in our woods in northern Minnesota. They have always been my favorite tree. I see on Wiki they can be called the American Larch. Most people here don’t appreciate them, they are of cleaned off of property, preferring “hard” woods. But I love pines, and tamaracks. :o) And I love the wet acidic soil they love.
    Your walk is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
    p.s. speaking of that life we had so long ago, (our youth) I wish some one my age now, would have told me that my new life was going to be so much more fun! :o)

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  2. What a fabulous walk indeed! Too bad you couldn’t scoot through the Elf’s tunnel.

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    That looks like a beautiful walk. Love your interpretation of the pepper pot as an old lady and the little elf tunnel is cute and the wonderful colours.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Such a lovely walk and beautiful colour! Your hair was really that red? How wonderful!! Mine was black – and look what happened πŸ˜€ That rock is wonderful too – the glasses of course being a fantastic optional extra.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes my hair was that red! From a small child onwards people were always commenting on it so that it became part of my identity, being different!
      It is a strange shift to being not-a-redhead. That might be why I coloured it with bright pink bits for a while and now have some extreme haircuts at times.
      For you black to a lovely silvery white – how does that feel?
      Glad you enjoyed the walk and the whimsy of the glasses.


      • I coloured it for years – too long really as I had discovered when I did a trial ‘natural look’ in the late 90’s that I became invisible. But about three years ago I decided to let it happen again, without colour help ie transitioning through shades of blonde which was a look that did not suit me and in which I was not comfortable…… I had my long hair cut as short as possible and in three months this silver mane had grown out and I love it. Now I;m growing it longer again. And I’m not invisible. My young and talented stylist wants to put a coloured stripe through it for Christmas, I may let her. πŸ™‚

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  5. It was a lovely walk and your photos are truly wonderful.

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  6. Great photos πŸ™‚

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  7. Oh, it’s all lovely! And, yes, I can see the old woman in the stone, keeping an eye on her domain.

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  8. Lisa at Greenbow

    What a wonderful walk. I love the portal rock. I can see you in my minds eye crawling through there to see the view and get the feel of this space. The Jay is a handsome bird with polka dots on it’s wing.

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    • πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ the truth is Lisa, I as I got down low to take this picture, my right knee went ‘twang’! No crawling for me on that occasion – but a lot of hobbling on the rest of the walk back to the car. Cathy did briefly wonder if an Air Ambulance would be needed – HaHa!! – but I managed to get back to the car and the knee recovered quickly. Phew!


  9. What a fantastic walk – and what an incredible outcrop of rock. I must try to get there sometime. Thank you

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