Sawdust Hearts

Sawdust Heart

Sawdust Heart

The Dorsetshire Regiment, commemorated in this vintage heart, on loan to the exhibition.

Dorset Regt

So moving, the unsold hearts representing the unaccounted for casualties of war.

missing in action

sawdust heart, WW1, art project

Sawdust Heart, art project

So much creativity – so much emotion – so beautifully created – so beautifully curated.

I am glad to have been part of this amazing project. sawdusthrt

And still I find it hard to write about.

I only knew about the project through Cathy’s blog. Cathy has written a brilliant post about the exhibition – you can read it by clicking on this link.cathy

You can also go to the Sawdust Hearts Website to find out more

and can see a video about the exhibition here with Helen Birmingham talking you through a virtual tour of the Hearts.

Thank you to Cathy for the picture of Helen below, signing my book for me.Helen Birmingham

This is the heart Helen decorated

Sawdust Heart

Which was part of a previous exhibiton of 100 hearts, the inspiration for the 1,568 Hearts.


I was intrigued by number 1000, I’d love to know the thinking behind this one

Sawdust Heart

Sawdust Heart

But the one with barbed wire at the top of the post is my favourite for the way it simply sums up so much.

The Exhibition ended on 30th November.

We have had an email from Helen to say that the hearts have been packed away and she is taking a much needed break until the New Year. Helen hints at the possibility of another event that will include the hearts. I do hope that happens as even though there were over 4,000 visitors in Scarborough, the project deserves a wider audience.



23 responses to “Sawdust Hearts

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  3. Wow! You can never tire of seeing these beautiful hearts or feeling the emotions emitting from each Soul’s creativity. They speak volumes! Is there a book about them as well? I can’t imagine putting a project like this together, but so glad they did. The creativity is breath taking. And the memories worth while for us all. Not something to forget ever. I pray my Great-Great-Great……….Grands will remember as well.

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  4. So very, very moving! Brought tears to my eyes.

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  5. I’m so glad you and Cathy participated in this and wrote extensively about it. I’d’ve missed the whole thing, otherwise, and been worse off for that. The variety and symbolism and thought and creativity are mind-blowing, and so poignant. I think the barbed wire one sort of sums it all up, too.

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  6. Oh gosh they look incredible

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  7. Such a beautiful memorial, and the stories…just amazing!

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  8. Murtagh's Meadow

    Beautiful and poignant hearts

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  9. Such a wonderful exhibition certainly deserves a wider audience. It needs to go ‘on tour’.

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  10. Lisa at Greenbow

    This is a perfect way to honor the military and to help them at the same time. It made me teary reading about and seeing some of the hearts. Each are works of art, together they make a powerful statement.

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  11. The collection is as colourful and varied as the men who were sacrificed isn’t it. I too found Cathy’s post moving and poignant. The stories behind the makings would add another layer to the heartbreak – I’d be a mess!

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  12. It would be wonderful if the hearts did go on somewhere else. Not sure I will follow them, my emotional response was just too strong.

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