Happy New Year!

I do hope the festive season has been kind to you all and you were able to spend it in the way you wanted to.

Here we are at our first photographic meet up of year – I really am excited to see what windows you have found to share with us over the coming months.

But first a Round Up of links to the posts in 2018:

January: Sparkle,           February: Warm              March: Scale.           April: Yellow            May: Flower            June: Sunlight.           July: Sculpture           August: Flake           September: Case          October: Tree           November: Patina.         December: Glitz

And a very warm THANK YOU! to all who entered the challange in 2018:

Nanacathy,         Gillyflower,             The Crafty Creek,             Postcard From Gibraltar, Rainbow Junkie,             Sewing Etc,            Murtagh’s Meadow,                Quaint Revivial, Cathy @ Still Waters,                    Kristabella’s Hodgepodge,               The Grange RangeSusan Rushton,              Hook This, Weave That,

You all made it such a fun challenge and it was lovely to link in with you on the first Tuesday of each month.

So here we go again: I wandered round my village last night and got some very blurry photos, but I kinda like them

Must get myself a tripod if I’m going to take photos at night again



They look a bit drunk! Very appropriate for New Year’s Eve.


Join in by leaving a link in the comments any time up until Tuesday 5th February.

Have fun!


31 responses to “Windows

  1. Happy New Year Sandra….love looking at windows…three were some wonderful ones in Wells…maybe next year I shall have a go at taking pictures.

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    • Happy New Year Noelle! If you find any to take pictures of this year, you can join in at any time!
      ‘Windows’ is the Photo Challenge subject for the whole of 2019.
      A new set of windows each month – we all link together here on the first Tuesday of each month to share what we have found.
      The photos can be new or you can leave a link to one of your archive posts.
      It would be lovely to have you along. ❤


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  4. I love looking into windows at night, imagining what the folks in there are doing, what they’re having for dinner and talking about. The voyeur in me, I guess.

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  5. I have promised myself I WILL participate this year, I love the idea of one word all year!

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  6. Happiness & Health to you in 2019!

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  7. So looking forward to this challenge! Here’s my first entry:

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  9. Very appropriate, indeed! Happy New Year!

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  10. These are lovely & quixotic! Rethink the tripod?! 😃

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  11. Suitably blurry for New Years eve 🙂 I know I said I’d join in, but there are no lights on here until after I’ve gone to bed for the night……..

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  12. Lisa at Greenbow

    A good subject.

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  14. Murtagh's Meadow

    Happy New year Sandra. I will be on the look out for some windows!!

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