There’s a Whole Lot of Crochet Going On

Hello everyone!spcal

I have been a bit quiet in blogland for a while – I’m in hibernation mode and loving it. Warm fires, stews bubbling away on the woodburner and plenty of dark evening time for crochet and doodling.

For the 4th time I’m joining in with Attic24’s January Crochet Along. The first was the Cosy Cal, second the Moorland, Third was last year’s Woodland and now I am making this year’s Sweet Pea Blanket – oh what a joy it is to be part of this wonderfully supportive cosy crochet community. The Facebook Group Attic24 Moorland and More is a great place to spend some time for crochet chat.

I love the colours Lucy has chosen, I would never have put Magenta and Pomegranate together, but she is a genius when it comes to mixing 15 colours in a blanket design. In the past I have substituted some of the colours but this year I’m sticking to her colours …. but not her order! My creative mind just has to have a play.

Part 1 completed in Stylecraft Special DK and using a 4.5mm hook

Sweet Pea Cal, Attic24

Lucy gives three options for the colour order: Posy which is what she calls organised random, Colourwash, which blends blocks of colours and Repeat which is all the colours in a repeating sequence of 15 rows. I could not decide which one I liked best so I am making a Baby Blanket size and am mixing up the Posy and Colourwash styles and hope it works.

I’m not quite sure I like the above order, so I did a sample doll’s blanket with a slight adjustment

Sweet Pea Cal, Attic 24

Here is the Doll’s Blanket order, going from bottom to top:

  1. Violet (foundation chain, sc (US) row and row 2)
  2. Lavender (row 3)
  3. Violet (row 4)
  4. Lavender (row 5)
  5. Plum (row 6)
  6. Magenta (rows 7 and 8)
  7. Pistachio (row 9)
  8. Magenta (row 10)
  9. Meadow (row 11)
  10. Cypress (row 12)
  11. Pomegranate (rows 13 and 14)
  12. Blush (rows 15 and 16)
  13. Candyfloss (row 17)
  14. Blush (row 18)
  15. Candyfloss (rows 19 and 20)
  16. Cream (row 21)
  17. Pistachio (row 22)
  18. Cream (row 23)
  19. Meadow (row 24)
  20. Fuschia Purple (25 and 26)
  21. Magenta (27)
  22. Fuchsia Purpke (28)
  23. Magenta (29)
  24. Wisteria (30 and 31)
  25. Soft Peach (32)
  26. Wisteria (33)
  27. Pistachio (34 and 35)

doll's blanket

The Sweet Pea blanket has caused such a buzz! It is exciting to be part of it.

Over 5,000 – yes FIVE THOUSAND, Sweet Pea Packs have been sold by Wool Warehouse!

It makes my heart sing to know that the world is being wrapped in Sweet Pea blankets!

I am hosting a Sweet Pea Gathering for anyone making the blanket, so on Sunday 3rd. February I will be somewhere in Bridport at 10.15am for coffee and crochet, with anyone who wants to join me! When I know how many would like to come along I will fix a venue – I have a couple in mind.

I chose Bridport as it is my old stamping ground and where Lucy grew up. She still visits and blogs about the area, so I thought it would be fun and a nice link to meet there. I’m very excited to see who turns up.

Have any of you been tempted to join in with Lucy’s Crochet Along this year?

Joining in with Ginny’s January Yarn Along


44 responses to “There’s a Whole Lot of Crochet Going On

  1. I just bought my first kit for an Attic24 blanket. I’m so excited to start it! This one has lovely colours.

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  3. Love Lucy’s blankets, the moorland one is on my list of things I want to do – I did her coastal ripple a couple of years ago x

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  4. I’m frôm Crewkerne in Somerset and I’m hoping to come on the 3rd

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  5. What a lovely concept this is – and well done for arranging a meet-up. The ‘sweet pea’ colours are perfectly chosen – so typical – and all those packs sent out from the warehouse! Wonderful 😀

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  6. Hi! I live in Wareham and would love to join in your meet up! Can you please let me know where it will be?? Thank you x

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  7. helen kennedy

    I’d love to meet up in Bridport, I live near Crewkerne so not too far xx

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  8. Hello, I’m really enjoying #team posy with attic 24, my first cal I’m joining in with!! I live near Bournemouth so can get to Bridport for crochet and coffee – amazing! Thank you xx

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    • Yippeee!!! It will be lovely to see you Felicity. Coffee and crochet time will be 10.15 – 1pm and some might like to stay for lunch. Perhaps a walk at West Bay after lunch if the weather allows, but we can play it by ear.


  9. I live in Bridport, well Symondsbury. Be nice to pop in.

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  10. I live in Dorchester and would be interested in attending the gathering. I’m doing the CAL colourwash combination. Look forward to more details.

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    • Fabulous! You can email me via the Contact Me page and as soon as I have details I can send them to you. I look forward to meeting you! A fellow Lucy fan so close – that’s exciting!


  11. A meet up , such a lovely idea . Such lucky dolls .

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  12. Murtagh's Meadow

    Loving the colour combinations

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  13. I was very tempted by her sweet pea blanket, but bravely decided to pass on it as I feel I may have enough crochet projects on my list to last the next two years…… The colours are stunning though and I love to look at the different arrangements you have here – though really my favourite is the first photo in this post – six colours just looking so very happy together!! I hope you have a great time on Feb 3rd and loads turn up, wouldn’t that be fun!!

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  14. It looks lovely but be careful not to get stew on it.

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  15. Gorgeous colours 😍😍and Love the idea of your meet up, I’ve checked and it’s a 5 hour drive 😩, I’ve not made one of these yet but have followed peoples progress over recent years. Have fun!

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    • I love that you checked how far away you are Ali. If you wanted to make a weekend of it, I’d be happy to meet up on the Saturday as well. There are some good golf courses around. I’m told they are good – I don’t play though.


  16. Great colors for the winter time, it would be hard to stay away from this during chore time!!

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  17. Wonderful and vibrant! Perfect for January.

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  18. elaine allerton

    Your blanket looks great!
    Have started mine, using my stash ,, as I have so much!
    The greens I started with,, not sure ,,, but not taking out!
    Doing my own thing,,,
    Did woodland last year,, my first!
    Have since done hydrangea, ,, and my favorite,,, and easy,,,
    Enjoyed ur post,,,
    See u on attic 24 group,,
    Take care,,,,

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  19. That’s one lucky doll 😉
    I made an Attic 24 blanket a couple of years ago – the Hydrangea Blanket – where Lucy matched all the colours a hydrangea flower goes through (very clever of her) and it’s one of my favourites.
    I’ll probably give this one a miss as I’ve made two or three brightly coloured stripy blankets recently but look forward to seeing how your one progresses.

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    • With 5 granddaughters there are lots of dolls that need tucking in as you can imagine!
      The hydrangea blanket looks lovely, but I wasn’t sure about the stitch – will probably give it a go someday though.


  20. It is a lovely blanket and I WAS tempted! But I am still making a large bedspread and have wool for two of Lucy’s woodland blankets as well as a new project my sister gave me for Christmas! Hope lots of people turn up in Bridport! 🙂

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