8 Blankets for 8 Grandchildren

A progress report: 6 done, one in progress, one yet to get started.

Click on any photo to see it larger, or go to my THROW page for links to the posts about the blankets.

From top left: a daisy throw for Miss E (now aged 11), a throw for a wizard for Master R (now aged 9), a single bedspread for Little Bro (aged 6), a Mandala bedspread for Little Miss M (aged 6), a throw each for the twins Twig and Twiglet (aged 6).

Work in progress:

A throw for Big Sister (aged 8)

Big Sister is having difficulty deciding what colours she would like, so I am making two Amanzis so that she can choose. The one on the left goes with the colours in her bedroom, but she absolutely loves rainbow colours. She is coming to stay with me next weekend so I hope she can decide which one she likes the best so that I can finish it for her birthday in April.

The remaining blanket will be for Big Bro (aged 8), he has had a hard job deciding what he would like.

His Little Bro has the Woodland blanket with Old Brown and Squirrel Nutkin on it, I did offer Big Bro the Karoo, but he said he didn’t like those colours, and he wanted stripes like Little Bro – excellent, we were making progress on what he would like.

Sometimes one has to go through lots of things you don’t like to discover what you do like (hmmm, yep… gosh that reminds me of relationships!).

Having seen the colours in the Amanzi dsc_0512he has decided he would like the rainbow colours, but with more blues.

Oh I do so love going through these design processes with my grandchildren. The satisfaction of making something they have had an input in is immense, and as a result they all absolutely love their blankets.

The blankets are a hug from Granny when I’m not there.


42 responses to “8 Blankets for 8 Grandchildren

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  3. All of these are so beautiful! 🙂

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  4. How wonderful those throws are Sandra. No wonder the grandchildren love them

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  5. What a fabulous idea. They are just so gorgeous. My daughters have a blanket from their great grandmother. It was a fine welsh wool type that you can run through a wedding ring. Both girls were brought home from hospital in it and it was the comfort blanket for my youngest. It’s a lovely reminder of such a lovely grandmother. Good luck with your blankets. I wish I had 8 grandchildren. There’s time though 🙂 x

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  6. With the mutual input that goes on around their blankets I can well imagine how treasured they will be throughout the lives of your grandchildren. You conduct a marvelous process Sandra. And they all look so different it’s clear they belong to different people. I can’t wait to start my Amanzi – but I still haven’t selected all my colours yet 🙂

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  7. They’re all amazing, I love the idea that they are all hugs from granny!

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  8. Oh, my word! A hug from Granny is right. And those hugs will keep them warm for many, many years. I still have and use crocheted blankets made by my grandmothers.

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  9. You are an exceptional Grandma, I hope you realize how special this is!

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  10. Am loving the bright colours, and the thought that each is a hug when you’re not present to deliver one in person. 😘

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  11. Lisa at Greenbow

    What lucky grands to have a granny that is so in tune with them. I love all the colors and the intricate designs. I hope that one day they will know what a good artist you are. I am sure that right now they just feel the love.

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    • ❤ It feels such a privilege to be able to encourage them in their own creativity by bringing their colour choices to life. There sure is a whole lot of love swirling around – defintely a two way street. 🙂 ❤


  12. What a great set of blankets and such variety. I have to admit, even as a rainbow lover I find the one on the right a bit much and prefer the one on the left.
    Maybe your grandson would prefer something more like my spectrum group of colours. That had a third blue colours – Aspen, Cloud Blue, Turquoise, Aster, Royal, and I am making a new blanket with the same colours and have added in Sherbert so I now have Aspen, Sherbert, Cloud Blue, Turquoise, Aster, Royal, for the blue part.

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  13. They’re all stunning and so clearly made with love. I, for one, would not be able to sleep under that very bright one, though. I like the colors the twins chose.

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  14. such stunning projects; Tracey! If I were Big Sister, I would choose the version on the right – such a colourful rainbow!

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  15. I was just reading your post and thinking that, thank goodness, there are two babies due this year – to two of my nieces – and they will be far too young to have any input so I can do what I want.
    Then I got to the bit where you said how satisfying it is for your grandkids to have some input and I thought, ‘well yes, that would be nice too’.
    I’m not really Mrs. Selfish though – I made both of my daughters quilts for their 21st birthdays and they chose their own colours.
    What I can say is – the blanket I’m going to crochet for baby of niece number one will be nowhere near as complicated as any of your lovelies.

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    • I always really love creative collaborations in art and yarn and the ideas of kids always inspires me. Although, I have to admit, that purple wizard blanket was a trial to make – I just did not like working with those colours.
      It is such a good feeling to be able to make things that your adult children like isn’t it.
      How lovely to have two new babies coming into the family soon. I enjoy simpler stripey patterns as a balance to the complicated ones.


  16. This is such a lovely concept, Sandra, and it’s nice to know they have been involved in the design process

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