Stylecraft Sunday

Today is the day for the Sweet Pea Crochet Along Gathering in West Bay. I’m looking forward to meeting up with fellow Attic24 fans SO much!

I asked Stylecraft Yarns if they would be kind enough to send a raffle prize and I was amazed and delighted when they said they would send some goody bags, look at all these goodies they sent!


My goodness, I was hopping up and down with glee when I opened the box – I’m most excited about the shade cards, I have been wanting one for ages, but the  Batik Elements yarn is gorgeous

Stylecraft Yarn

I’m not affiliated with Stylecraft or Wool Warehouse, but I do love to give a shout out about good products, great service and fabulous generosity!

These are my favourite colours: Gallium, Bismuth and Titanium.

The pink flowers are the Stylecraft emblem as key rings.batik elements yarn

The magazine has some great patterns in it – my daughter-in-law would love that stag’s head. I might try to make that for her (but have a couple of blankets to finish first – stay focussed!)

So each person coming to Sladers Yard in West Bay today will get 10 items – yes TEN courtesy of Stylecraft.

stylecraft goody bag

I’m so excited!

Thank you so much  Stylecraft!


26 responses to “Stylecraft Sunday

  1. What a beautiful assortment for your gift bags. So much fun!

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  2. What lovely squishy wool packs you’ve received. I too am doing Lucy’s Sweet Pea blanket but very slowly. I keep getting distracted by reading blogs!

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  3. It will be addedly fabulous today – have fun. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

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  4. That is such a generous bunch of goodies, WOW! Have fun today!

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  5. Am a Stylecraft fan, too, but didn’t know they had magazines. Too bad my latest squidgy pack is in the mail or I’d be sorely tempted…

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  6. I really enjoyed the batik yarn, though I’ve gone off Stylecraft a bit lately the red yarn I bought to do the poppies was not as nice as before I thought.

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  7. Lisa at Greenbow

    What lucky participants.

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  8. I was already a Stylecraft fan – now I like them even more. Have a wonderful day – I wish I could be there.

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  9. Such generosity by Stylecraft. Hope you have a wonderful time and wish I lived nearer!! 😊

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  10. Hurrah for Stylecraft. Have a wonderful day.

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