A Bunch of Sweet Peas

sweet pea CalWhat a happy bunch we were!

The picture is missing Jenny, who joined us later.

crochet groupSladers YardΒ (in West Bay, Dorset, UK) were very accommodating and welcoming. We had a board of yummy cakes garnished with strawberries and cherries – I wish I had taken a photo! And they had set aside two tables at the back of the room for us.

There were nine adult crocheters altogether and a delightful junior knitter.

There is something so deeply comforting about being with a group of women coming together and making things together – it is timeless – a connection with our ancestors reaching back over the centuries.

It is great to share ideas and talk about our current a future projects, equipment and how we store our stash.

And don’t you just LOVE Helen’s craft bag!

craft bag

I admit to a bit of Craft Bag envy!

blankets on the beach

We felt we had to get at least some pictures on the beach, to show us firmly placed in West Bay, especially to send to Lucy, the designer of the blanket that had brought us all together. Lucy comes from these parts and often returns here for holidays and family visits.

Some of our group had other places they had to be for lunch, so there were fond farewells and talks of meeting again, before a few of us went to the beach where as you can see – it was a bit windy.selfie!

I’m hopeless at selfies!

Just right for paraglidersWest Bay


And then there were 3, we had a wander around the harbour

West Bay, Dorset, UK

Time for a few more photos

crochet friends

I love this one of Kay and Sandra

And then back to Sladers Yard for a lunch.

A huge thank you to everyone who came and made our Gathering such an enjoyable one – and thank you to all those who have said they would like to come to another one – yes there will be another meeting, not sure when yet.

Any one of the group might arrange a meeting in their area and I will do my best to get there. I will be arranging one in early Summer and will give plenty of notice here on my blog and on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks also to Stylecraft Yarns for sending such amazing goody bags – everyone was thrilled! stylecraft goody bagWe all have plans for our Batik Elements Yarn. The colours on the website do not do it justice, they are much lighter and lovelier! The youngest member of our group used hers as a friendship bracelet for her cuddly toy – just the right fit!

And I have some goody bags left for anyone new who comes to the next meeting.

Thank you to Sladers Yard for their wonderful hospitality, and to some of the other customers who came to chat about crochet.

One guy told me that he had learnt to knit when he was 8 and loved it but his Grandad had ridiculed him for ‘being a girl’ and he’d stopped. I told him about all the many examples of men knititng and crocheting online and he said he might take it up again in his impending retirement. He said we should exhibit our work in a gallery as it was so good! Now there’s a thought …….. !

Of course the biggest thank you has to go to Lucy for creating such a friendly and fabulous crochet community with her heart-warming blog posts and wonderfully colourful designs. This is the fourth Lucy Crochet Along I have done and each one has brought a wonderful sense of community but there seems to be something about these colours that have inspired many of us to gathering in groups all over the world, to share the Sweet Pea journey.

Sweet Pea baby jacket and hat

A picture of the Sweet Pea set in the snow.

Pattern for the jacket is in this post.



41 responses to “A Bunch of Sweet Peas

  1. I love all these pictures! Makes me so happy! All those blankets are really really pretty! The solid square blanket, do you possibly know the color combination for it? I love those colors together!

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  2. It was such a pleasure to have you all here. Do come again! Thank you for your lovely comments too. The photo of you all in the Cafe is lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a brilliant experience, Sandra, and well done you for organising it! The pictures show just how well you all got along πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a lovely time you all had. The photos are wonderful xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a wonderful event! I have CAL meet-up envy!! I laughed at your ‘selfie’ taking skills – bit like my photography skills full stop.It looks a little cold on the beach, but Id briefly forgotten you are still in winter. The baby jacket and hat set beside your sweet pea blanket is just beautiful – the way you link things up is so creative. And that jacket and hat together are just yummy. I’m glad I’ve got a list of projects a mile long or I’d be impatiently waiting for your instructions to come out πŸ™‚ Not to skite, but I have one of those craft bags and keep my current knitting /crochet projects it in. Mine is blue and I love it πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh WOW! I now have crochet/knitting group envy!! Absolutely beautiful. And the photo of the harbour just says “England” to my American mind! :o)

    When we moved 60 miles north of the big city (well cities/Minneapolis/St Paul) it was culture shock to see what some boys learned from their amazing moms on the farm. (I was 16 and wanted to marry a farmer :o)

    When we bought our house (43 years ago). Next door a new couple moved in. He was the same age as my city bred husband- but he could- knit, crochet,sew and clean house. Boy was I envious of his wife!! No I never married a farmer, I married my city bred boy friend who was in the Army when we moved North. And he wasn’t going to have any crocheting sons while he was alive. ugh.

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  7. What a great collection of blankets and obviously a great day!

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  8. What a wonderful time you had! I love that fairy jacket and hat, and someone at church just had a baby girl! I am easily excited, just like Tialys!!

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  9. What a wonderful day you all had, complete with a junior knitter! Fun selfie. πŸ˜‰ That baby sweater, as we would call it here, and hat are utterly adorable for a darling sweet pea.

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  10. When you said “I’m hopeless at selfies” I thought “but that isn’t a selfie, she isn’t in the photo.” Then I looked again and said, “Oh.” HA! So funny. It sounds like wonderful get-together. I’m in a sewing group that actually meets weekly, with snacks! So I do know the pleasure such a gathering brings.

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  11. Happy for you that it went so well! The little jacket and hat are incredibly cute. πŸ™‚

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  12. Fabulous! What a lovely get-together and I love the sweet pea colours of both the blanket and the cardi. Bit breezy on the coast by the look of it…..

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  13. What a really wonderful day out you had. Well done on organising it. I love that you had a junior knitter with you too. That baby jacket is gorgeous.

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  14. What a great time you had. Love the photos.

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  15. Oooh, Oooh, Ooooh! Sweet Pea jacket nearly ready? Because my other niece just heard she’s having a girl in June so I’ll be able to make the jacket and another Pixie Hat and put a flower on it this time. ( I’m easily excited.)
    Looks like you had a marvellous day full of good company, crochet and cakes. Who could ask for more?

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  16. What a lovely happy crafty event. It’s so positive getting people together to make things. Luckily your crochet is much better than your selfie taking πŸ˜†

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