Forde Abbey

On Sunday a friend and I went to visit the snowdrops at Forde Abbey.

Click on the photos to see them larger.

Forde Abbey, Dorset, Somerset

It is on the border of Dorset and Somerset and just an hour’s drive from where I live. The house is not open until April,


urns and gates


but the gardens are a lovely place to wander in.





carpet of snowdrops

and having poured with rain the whole way there, the sun shone for us

Forde Abbey tree

and the skies cleared

blue sky

This Cornelian Cherry (Cornus Mas) was really in the spotlight.


cornus mas

so sunny! but no scent.


with a circle of snowdrops beneath – what a gem!

cornus mas

The star of the show for me, but the hellebores came a close second





There were enough windows on the building to last for the whole year of the Monthly Meet-Up Photo Challenge

forde abbey

So you will be seeing more of this place on Tuesday the 5th March.

Edit: for a gallery of amazing photos go to the Forde Abbey Instagram page.


26 responses to “Forde Abbey

  1. Murtagh's Meadow

    Looks like a wonderful garden to visit and looks like you got a perfect day too.


  2. What a great day! The hellebores are especially beautiful. It made me look in the garden. I haven’t been out there much lately. I too have snowdrops and hellebores already.


  3. That sunshine and blue sky AND flowers. Wonderful!

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  4. Helen Johnstone

    Many thanks for sharing, lovely spring pics

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  5. I haven’t seen any snowdrops yet – although I know where some always grow by the side of the road a 10 minute drive away. I noticed the Japanese Quince was flowering this morning and also the aubretia has started up – I love the big fat cushions they make on top of the terrace walls in our garden.

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  6. Gorgeous! Send some spring west, please! We are having a heat wave today, it will be 0 C, then back to the deep freeze for another round with snow.

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  7. Nope. Snowdrops do not go South in the winter on this side the pond. But these are glorious photos to cheer us. Thank you!!!

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  8. No snowdrops here, either. But it’s wonderful to see them where you live.

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  9. For some unkown reason the Like button is not working for me today. But I really like this post and the snowdrops are just lovely.

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  10. Oh, you people with your snowdrops! Grrrr–all we have is more snow dropping . . .

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  11. Gorgeous photos, it’s one of my favourite places to visit. I love the walled garden. Do you follow them on Instagram?

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  12. It looks beautiful – winter seems to be on its way out.

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  13. Beautiful photos , thank goodness Spring is here.

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