Silly Saturday with Mrs Moss

Mrs Moss and her dog Lichen

Mrs Moss was up with the lark

Taking Lichen her dog to the park

They walked everywhere

To get lots of fresh air

And didn’t get home til ‘twas dark!


Mossie was a sturdy old stick

Very rarely did she get sick

At seventy years old

Fit, adventurous and bold

She can even still do a high kick!


Out and about every day

Visiting places and pals on the way

She was going to tea

With the Shelbys by the sea

And was buying some cake on the way.

Poem by Judy E. Martin

Assemblage art by Sandra Dorey


shell art, shell people, winkle pickers

The Shelbys

So happy to be joining up with Judy Martin again for a Silly Saturday collaboration. I sent  Judy the photo of Mrs Moss and her little dog Lichen and once again she has created a fun story in rhyme for her.

Pop across to see Judy’s new blog and find a link to her book ‘Rhymes of the Times’ and more humorous takes on daily  life.

Our previous Silly Saturdays include Maggie the Pole Dancer, and here she is in racier mode




36 responses to “Silly Saturday with Mrs Moss

  1. 😁 I have missed being silly on a Saturday!

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  2. Cute, creative and comical! Love this! Thanks for sharing! I am a Creative Life Coach and have a poetry blog in case you have time to read? and I am also on Instagram as #coachingcreatively, let’s follow each other if you use this medium? Have a good day? Sam 🙂

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  3. Oh, gosh!!!! Sandra, you have more creativity in your little finger than most people have in their own bodies.

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  4. Delightfully silly ~ thank you both!

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  5. You and Judy are very creative: another fun picture and poem!

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  6. I am taking a break from the sewing machine, and this is what I find….Perfect! Exactly what I needed, keep ’em coming Sandra!

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  7. Lisa at Greenbow

    A very enjoyable Silly Saturday. It is amazing how you see these things and she writes about them.

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  8. Another great collaboration with Judy XXXXX

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  9. Perfect! A great start to my Saturday 🙂

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  10. Hurrah for Mrs Moss and my getting the like button back.

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