Forde Abbey Windows

Hellooo!!stone mullioned windows

Here we are on the first Tuesday of the Month , our Monthly Meet-up Photo Challenge, with another collection of WINDOW photographs. To join in please leave a link to your photos in the comments. Your photos can be any interpretation of the subject, and can be your latest photos or archive photos and posts – all welcome.

Forde Abbey on the Somerset/Dorset border in the south of England is the perfect place if you are looking for a collection of windows to photograph. Join them on Instagram to see some wonderful photos of the gardens.

The photos above are the windows to the Orangery, we couldn’t go in in February, but peeped through the windows to see the citrus trees inside


I hope we will be able to wander through this space later in the year when the house is open for viewing.

in February

Til then we had the outside views to enjoy.

Forde Abbey

But we could go into the Chapel where, behind the Rood Screen, there was a delicate tree flowering in the window – is that a Mimosa?


but this Window at the other end of the Chapel stole the show

chapel windows

especially with that blue sky beaming through.

I’m looking forward to seeing the windows you have spied this month.


27 responses to “Forde Abbey Windows

  1. Them windows!! Wow.

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  3. Forde Abbey looks beautiful, must put it on my to do list! My window photos are of Kirby Lonsdale ;

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  4. Very grand! I love the oculus, and isn’t the word “orangerie” so retro and evocative of bygone, genteel days?! Thank you for the reflective tour! (P.S. I think you might have missed my February entry…)

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    • As you say a throwback to a genteel bygone era – I can imagine drifting through the orangery in my crinoline!
      So sorry I missed your last entry – it is such a great one too – I’m happy to have put that right – thanks for letting me know. 🙂

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  6. These are super windows. I especially like the rainbow effect in last one. Here is my link
    rather mundane by comparison but I tried.

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  7. These are so wonderful, I have to go back and look again! Here’s my windows link…

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  9. Oh, that window! Made my heart sing. Thanks so much for taking me along with you.

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  10. I often photograph windows especially stained glass ones but is it okay if I refer people to my “Day in Dorset” post where we went to the church in Moreton? About a third of the pictures are windows. – engraved not stained glass –

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  11. I have a photo but no website, how do I share it please?

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  12. Definitely windows with the wow factor.

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