Egypt: inspiration


The first thing I notice in any new place is the colours, designs, textures and textiles – like this gorgeous cushion in the villa where I was staying in Hurghada. chain stitch embroidery

I’m assuming this is a chain stitch done with a machine – do you think so?

I really like the effect.

And I would have loved to have brought home some of these mandala decorated ceramic bowls, but I didn’t think they would survive the trip

mandala decorated ceramic bowl, Egypt


So I contented myself with having my breakfast muesli in them each morning.

Just look at the colour combinations in this woven table runner

faded colours

I see Stylecraft Special Dk : Duck Egg, Buttermilk, Pale Rose, Raspberry, Mushroom, Storm Blue, Parma Violet, Clematis, Pistachio, Lincoln, Blush and Vintage Peach

Makes me want to rush for my hook – but no – I must not start another new project ….. ………  😉

There was an interesting mix of art on the walls of the villa collage

I have a bit of a thing for zebra stripes at the moment, and would love to be able to carve out some time for making more collages

Here is one of my own zebra doodles

rainbow zebra stripes

Don’t be surprised if you see more in another post – as another mini-obsession takes hold.

(you can see more on my Instagram Page)

There is inspiration for doodling everywhere you look – even tiles in a public toilet!

marble tiles

And how about this as inspiration for a Valentine’s or Anniversary card

your smile makes me smile

I’m thinking it would be a fun on a Never Ending card, like the ones I made here and here

My friend and I went to the shop that sold the ceramic bowls, Wood U Like

to see what else they had to offer – oh so many interesting things – sorry for the quality of the photos (taken on my friend’s phone)


The wooden cabinets were made of a wonderful jumble of decorative wooden off cuts. And although I did not particularly like the style of the bags, I loved the combination of needlepoint on canvas, with leather. I have lots of needlepoint I don’t know what to do with – so maybe they could be turned into bags …. hmmmm – now to find somone who works with leather.

Hanging in the hall of the villa was this beautiful piece of Arabic calligraphy


Apparently the meaning it conveys is something to do with love – but I can’t remember exactly what. (I have just sent a message to my friend to ask her and will edit in the meaning later)


20 responses to “Egypt: inspiration

  1. Murtagh's Meadow

    Some lovely colours and patterns

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  2. I have some bowls like those 🙂 We are lucky enough to have an immigrant trader who has set up shop in town. I go in and drool, and now and again buy something………. I’m like you in noticing colour and texture wherever I go and surrounding myself with it too. And ooh yes, collage – oh for more hours in the day!!

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  3. What an interesting collection of objects you have got there. I especially like the tiles and the word square. You obviously had a really great time.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    It is so much fun to go to a place that is totally different from where you live. All of that color is fabulous! I know it will lead you to a new project.

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  5. Cathy beat me to it – I’d definitely have done some careful wrapping and brought a couple of those bowls home with me in my hand luggage.
    If Tina can’t help with the name of that shop I have a friend who lives in Hastings so she could probably help.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooo – thank you!
      If ever I go again I’ll have to work out some way of bringing those bowls home – with all the love for them, I could set up shop!
      Or maybe the Hastings shop can help to source them. Fingers crossed!


  6. What a riot of color! So bright and bold, I can see why you were so inspired!

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  7. Oh so lovely! Easy to see why you were inspired.

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  8. Those bowls are wonderful. I would have had some in my hand luggage for certain sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I regret not bringing a couple home – but my hand luggage was stuffed full of camera, iPad, headphones, food, crochet and art stuff to keep me going in transit (no meals or in-Flight entertainment on Easy Jet) – which as it turned out was just as well as we had a 3.5 hour delay, then re-routed to Milan, and an hour stop there for a crew change.


  9. If you’d love a bit more ‘Egypt’ and ever go to Hastings on the South Coast (think you are located in the SE of England?) then you could visit a little shop in George Street owned by a lady with an Egyptian family – she sells beautiful things made in Egypt and supports individuals there who are trying to make a small living. Sorry can’t remember the name of the place but it’s tiny and not open every day! At a gamble, think it’s open at the end of the week and on Saturdays.

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