Scrap Happy March

Continuing with my Scrap-Happy-Stash-and-UFO-Busting-Blanket as mentioned in last month’s post.

This was a perfect travelling companion: this photo taken at Gatwick whilst we were waiting to board the plane for a 5.5hr flight to Hurghada, Egypt.

stash buster

No scissors needed and the crochet hook passed through airport security no problem.

I had taken other, more demanding projects with me for the week, but this was there for any odd moment of waiting around, or sitting chatting with a glass of pre-dinner Rosé.

crochet and wine

Progress at the end of a week’s holiday:A week's work

And now

crochet scrap busting

It measures Width 1m 20cm at its narrowest point , and 90cm Long.

I intend to make it about 1m 75cm long and then add a one coloured edging – probably in the chunky pale turquoise yarn, as I have lots of that.

You might have spotted that one side has gone a bit wonky, and I seem to have changed to a 5.5mm crochet hook along the way, but the joy of this sort of blanket is that I don’t mind about that and will just keep going, but I will decrease some stitches on the left side.

(Edit: I realised it would always annoy me, so I unpicked it back to before it strted going wonky.)

I just love crocheting this and watching for the next colour to come along, each one reminding me of a former project.crochet scraps

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48 responses to “Scrap Happy March

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  3. What a lovely piece you’ve got going here.

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  4. So many memories wrapped up in this, and not an inch going to waste!

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  5. It’s so bright and cheerful- would definitely improve a day!

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    A riot of rainbow colours. Fabulous

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  7. now this will be forever a reminder of your Holiday!

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  8. I have a bag of short pieces for that sort of project but not enough for now. Yours is so bright and colourful and I can see you have joined the yarn together before you started. That is something I must remember if I get to use my lengths for something.

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  9. I could just do with a glass of that rose. The blanket looks quite North African and yes like a rug!

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  10. Love the randomness of your colours and the texture of those ties! What stitch are you using?

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  11. So colorful! Reminds me of the blanket my grandmother made for me over thirty years ago. It’s on my bed now, and I use it at least eight months of the year.

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  12. It’s just so simple and brilliant! 😍😍😍

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  13. I like the colors. Reminds me of an afghan my mother made too many years ago.

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  14. It’s lovely and colourful!
    Both times I took a crochet hook on a plane I got stopped at every stage of check-in, and they had to go away and double check with someone that it was okay because nobody knew what it was! I might just go with knitting needles next time

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  15. I think with a sturdy backing and placed in a fairly lightly used area it could work.

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  16. It’s gorgeously spontaneous and colourful!

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  17. This would make an amazing rug!

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