In a Nest on Monday

ode to March, nest, hellebore

Hellebore and Hebe in a Lost Garden.

This little hebe is the star of the show in my garden at the moment, I just love it’s pink tips.

The hellebore sits in one of last year’s blackbird’s nest found in the loganberry which is trained against a wooden fence.

The crochet mandala is a pattern by Helen Shrimpton, called Lost Garden and inspired by the Lost Gardens of Helligan. It will be a blanket.

I had a play with the photo to create a more vintage look

Which do you prefer?

Do you think either would make a good greetings card?

Pop along over to Cathy’s Garden blog and see what gardeners all over the world are putting in a Vase this Monday.


I’m adding a close up for Cee’s Flower of the Day

birds nest and crochet


34 responses to “In a Nest on Monday

  1. Beautiful! I love all the different elements, especially the idea of using a nest as a ‘vase’! 🙂

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow

    Beautiful, either would make lovely greeting card

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  3. Nicely done! I love that Hebe too. It reminds me a little of my Hebe ‘Purple Shamrock’ but the color of yours is a bit softer. My favorite photo is the first one as it shows more of your beautiful crochet work.

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  4. I like all three photos! 🙂 While it’s ‘yes’ to the first it is also ‘yes’ to your romantic vintage alteration. You are a master of colour and design – have I said that before? I am always inspired by these kinds of posts! ❤ xo

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  5. Oh WOW, what gorgeous work and intricate design 😀

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  6. Masterful combination of elements. Each could stand alone but together they create a visual feast. Amazing crochet work. I love everything about this composition and prefer the first image as it allows the eye to take in as much as possible.

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  7. I like the top one best – it makes the most of the pattern – and yes, it would make a great spring card. Speckled or blue eggs would have worked well in the nest too!

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  8. Utterly delightful! I like the first photo, too. It would make a beautiful card.

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  9. First one!! And absolutely stunning! Oh my! Your crochet takes my breath away!

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  10. This is gorgeous, Sandra! I like the first one better too but if the second one showed more of the background and was more symmetrical it would make a difference. I bought a hebe last year but lost it and really need to replace it – it’s still under ‘guarantee’

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  11. It’s very pretty and would make a great card.

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  12. A delightful composition…how about a round rather than a square frame. It could still be on a square card? Which hebe is it. What I love about hebeeees is that they are ‘evergreen’. x N

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    • Yes, round might be good – thank you.
      The hebe was a gift from a neighbour, so I have no idea which one it is. I have tried to strike some cutting – but no luck as yet – I’ll keep trying.


  13. What a great and very artistic way to display both the flowers and the crochet project. I love Helen Shrimptons designs and this one looks beautiful. I prefer the first photo as it shows off the definition of the crochet stitches better.

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    • Helen Shrimpton’s designs are a comfort and relief after the more complicated ones I have been attempting.
      Thank you for letting me know your preference, it always helps to see things through the eyes of others.

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  14. Your flowers photos make me wish I had a bigger garden. I have so few flowers! I think I prefer the first photograph. Another blanket but a different colour pallet!

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    • I know – yet another blanket – this might be for a wedding present and the palette is to go with the colours in the sitting room of the happy couple. I always find it inspiring to get colour choices that I wouldn’t choose myself.
      Thanks for letting me know which photo you prefer.

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  15. I like the first photo, because the colours are soft but warm. The ‘vintage’ one looks a bit colder.

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  16. I do love a Hebe – I love saying the word too.
    Even though I’m generally a lover of vintage, I think I prefer the first photo with its clearer definition of both crochet and flowers.

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