Victorian Snowdrop Garden

Lost Garden by Helen Shrimpton

I have been beavering away at a new blanket: Lost Garden, another gorgeous pattern from Helen Shrimpton. This one really is a joy and very relaxing to make.

The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK and the colours are, from the top: Lincoln, Cream, Stone and Parchment.

The hook is 4.5mm

Helen has taken her inspiration from the Lost Gardens of Heligana favourite place of mine, full of history, magic and delight.

This blanket will be a wedding present for the daughter of one of my closest friends. The colours are to go with her sitting room – a lap blanket to fold over a sofa and use for romantic snuggling in front of the TV. ❤ ❤

crochet snowdrop mandala

Not a palette I would have chosen, but I am finding it oh so calming to work with.

crochet blanket

The photo above shows the truest colours and was taken in Egypt. It was my early morning project before the rest of the house was up and doing.

The colours and their placement have got a lot of attention in the Helen’s Hookaholics Facebook Group. Some have said it looks Victorian, like a Meissen Plate and like Snowdrops. I love all these references – especially the snowdrops.

This is just before I start to square the corners.

A few people have asked me to give the colour order, so here goes:

Lost Garden by Helen ShrimptonRounds 1 – 10: Cream

Round 11: Parchment

Round 12: Lincoln

Round 13: Stone

Round 14: Parchment

Round 15: Stone


crochet snowdrop mandalaRounds 16 – 18: Parchment

Round 19: Lincoln

Round 20 and 21: Cream

Round 22: Lincoln


crochet blanket

Round 23: Lincoln

Round 24 – 26: Parchment

Round 27: Stone

Round 28: Cream

Round 29 – 32 : Parchment


Round 33 and 34: Parchment

Rounds 35 and 36: Stone

Round 37: Parchment

Round 38: Lincoln

Round 39: Parchment

Round 40: Lincoln

Round 41: Cream

Round 42: Lincoln

Round 43: Cream

Round 44 and 45: Parchment



Rounds 46 – 50: Parchment



and just in case you were wondering what it might look like in just two colours:

grey and white

It could look rather sophisticated in just grey and white don’t you think?

And for the next bit – the corners, see this post.


31 responses to “Victorian Snowdrop Garden

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  2. Helen Shrimpton’s patterns are an inspiration. These colours really are calming. I would be love to see this in sea blues and turquoises… one day I might make one!

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a beautiful design.

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  5. I like the Victorian feel to this!

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  6. None of those are colours I would think to choose either – but, as I’ve said before, you are the master of colour work and the whole thing is just beautiful. You’ve made me think it might be quite nice to have a gentle blanket to snuggle under sometimes 🙂 So many ideas, so little time!!

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  7. Ooh,lovely pattern and I love your colours. If I hadn’t already started another Eastern Jewels blanket I might be tempted. However, I might wait until later in the year because, as it’s all in one piece, I could overheat beneath it on a warm night and be found in the morning, barely conscious, covered in cats and dogs, crochet hook gripped firmly in hand.

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  8. What a lot of work! I am sure it will look very elegant when it is finished.

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  9. Such a serene color scheme, very beautiful!

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  10. Beautiful colours and such an intricate pattern. Looks like one of your doodles.

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  11. What a beautiful, beautiful gift! And Lost Garden looks like a fantastic place to visit. If I lived closer…

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  12. Pretty springlike colour scheme, but I’d also love to see it in the colours of high summer!

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