Lost Garden Corners

crochet Lost GardenThe pattern is Lost Garden by Helen Shrimpton.

Made with Stylcraft Special DK and 4.5mm hook


Parchment, Lincoln, Cream and Stone

This colourway has gathered some lovely comments on Helen’s Hookaholics FB Group. Some have said it reminds them of a Victorian design, Poldark, Meissen china or Snowdrops.

See my previous post for colour order up until the corners here.

Order of colours for the corner:

Rounds 50 – 53: Parchment

Round 54 and 55 in Stone

Round 56 in Lincoln

Round 57 in Cream

Round 58 and 59: Stone

Round 60 and 61: Parchment

Round 62: Stone

Rounds 63: Parchment

crochet blanket

Rounds 64 -66: Parchment

It measures about 90cm square at this stage.

I am going to wait for the new Stylecraft Colours to be released before I go any further. I think ‘Toy’ could work well in the border.



The colour order for the rest the blanket is here



21 responses to “Lost Garden Corners

  1. Janette Harris

    Sandra have you listed the rest of the colors using toy?

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  4. Beautiful design. I love it.

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  5. I really like the colour combination of this creation. Lovely

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  6. This is very pretty Sandra and is definitely reminiscent of lost garden corners – what a clever interpretation

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  7. ‘New stylecraft colours’? Be still my heart. The way Lucy enthuses over them over onl her blog makes them sound even more enticing. My favourite of the new ones is ‘Spearmint’ and I can see that ‘Toy’ would work wonderfully well with your colour scheme for this blanket.

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    • I know! Exciting isn’t it.
      I think Miss E would love the Spearmint too.
      I need a good orange and brighter purple for Big Bro’s Rainbow blanket now – I have put in my request. šŸ™‚


  8. Your blanket is very soothing to look at.

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  9. It looks very complicated and pretty.

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  10. It is just beautiful Sandra. I don’t know how you create these beauties so quickly – I’m in awe of your prowess!

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