Cat Café

The friends I was staying with in Hurghada, Egypt, run a diving business there, BlueOTwo. Any diver’s dream is to dive in the Red Sea and there are masses of diving companies there operating there. Some of the British women divers have made their home there. One such woman, Denise, now runs The Purrfect Cuppa Cat Cafe, cat cafewhich is a wonderfully welcoming meeting place for locals and English speaking others alike.

There are masses of cats everywhere in Hurghada and Denise takes them in, neuters and vaccinates them, makes sure they are healthy and gives them a place to call Hurghada


There are cat toys, cat beds and little cat cubby holes inside and out where cats can feel happy and safe

Families come in to sit in the cosy corner and cuddle cats

cat cafe

Some of the cats find new homes this way.

There is also a crafting corner

cat cafe

where every Thursday and Sunday people gather to craft together, sometimes somebody teaches a class, other times people just work on their own project and chat. Some work is for sale with a percentage going to help with cat welfare.

My friend and I went along, as you know, crafting with a group of women is right up there in my top ten ways to spend quality time.

The cats like to join in, of course.

at the Cat Cafe, Hurghada

its a wrap

After crafting we all had a delicious lunch together.

A wonderful way to spend a few hours learning more about life in Egypt and swapping art and craft tips.



26 responses to “Cat Café

  1. I’d be right at home there … I miss having a cat so much!

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  2. What a lovely story and a great day!

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  3. What a wonderful and happy making idea!

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  4. Ditto, ditto! Looks like a wonderful place for cats, community, and creativity. Hows that for alliteration? 😉

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  5. What a great way to meet new people on vacation!

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  6. Fabulous cafe what a great combination….lovely food, cosy cats and crafting !!!

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  7. Right, I’m moving to Egypt! What a lovely way to spend a day

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  8. I should very much like to visit that place – we have nothing like that here sadly. The cafe looks so welcoming and homey and those cats look super relaxed. What a life ❤

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    • The cats everywhere did seem relaxed – out and about at any given time you could just look round you and see about 5 – 10 cats and yet I never saw a cat fight – Egyptian cats must be less territorial that English ones!

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  9. What a wonderful way to spend a little quiet time, with such perfect company. Lunch looked absolutely delicious.

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  10. A nice way to spend a day!

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  11. I’ve heard of these cafés before – I think there’s one near where my daughter lives in Bournemouth. What fun – especially with a crafting option. I see the evidence of your presence – your Doodling Book – on the table. I imagine Denise must have to set some sort of limit on how many cats she takes in at one time otherwise there’d be no room for people.
    I had a shock at first – in your second photo I thought there was a cat with a massive head on the counter – maybe some sort of rare Egyptian breed.🤣😼

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    • Ha!Ha! – oh yes! with a white bib! Funny.
      I didn’t ask about how the cats are chosen or how Denise limits the numbers. I would say there were about 20 there altogether inside and out, and not one fight!


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