Walking through Hurghada

Hurghada and its surrounds are full of contrasts – massive riches and beauty live directly alongside desperate poverty, squalour and rubble.

One day we walked from our lovely enclosed villa complexvilla with its pool that was much too cold to swim in, to the marina at the luxury Marriot Hotel.

One of the first things to notice is that there are so many buildings that are only half built. Something to do with the laws that means one has to build on land in order to own it, but then the building is left unfinished and can sit there like that for years.


Some buildings were being worked on and I was fascinated by the medieval looking scaffolding on which men were walking around carrying buckets of stuff with them, no harnesses or safety equipment at all.


I could not take a photo of the men as if you show any interest at all in anything you are at once pounced on for money or people trying to sell you something – there is no possibility for relaxed window-shopping here!IMG_3101On finished buildings some of the details are quite beautifulwindows

Even the paving, although rickety and often dangerous has pretty elements of design


You had to keep your eyes to the ground as suddenly there could be a few inches of metal pipe sticking up through the pavement for no apparent reason.


Palm tree street lights looked fun!

and the occasional majestic statue.



14 responses to “Walking through Hurghada

  1. Fascinating architectural details. The unfinished buildings remind me of our road construction sites – diversions, big holes, ugly fences, major traffic headaches – which might get worked on for a while but then are abandoned for weeks, months or years. No logic to it. Anyway, thank you for the continuing tour!

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  2. So interesting on many points Sandra, especially the one about being pounced on if you take a photo featuring people. I would have loved to see the workers scrambling about on the scaffolding! Love those little mosaics in the footpaths and the blue sky. We learn so much travelling through another culture don’t we, it would always make me look at mine a bit more clearly when I returned.

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    • Seeing those men scrambling about made me think of why you hear of so many men dying in the construction of catherdrals in the Middle Ages – I guess they must have had similar ways of climbing up and down.

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  3. All so fascinating. As an aside: there is a partly built/renovated house down the road from me. Been partly finished ever since I’ve lived here. You do see work being done sometimes. Nothing to do with planning laws though!

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  4. A city of contrasts. I suppose this is true, to some extent, for all cities, but more pronounced here.

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  5. What a fabulous place and so full of artistic inspirations. You obviously had a great holiday!

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