Egypt: in search of shells


Of course I went beachcombing whilst in Egypt – I was hoping to find more material and inspiration for some Silly Saturdays, sadly there were very meagre pickings. I did find these few pieces of coral and small white shellsfragments of coral

on the little beach near the villa


which I wandered along each morning (it was only warm and windless enough for me to swim there once). Most beaches are private, or have been snaffled by large hotels. We did make our way to a fairly newly built resort a few miles out of town, but shells – there were none.

The resort was a bit of a ghost town as tourism has been much reduced since the terror attacks as recently as 2017.abandoned projects

Abandoned dreams


and a fun piece of sculpture

on a lovely walkway.

And turning the camera dial to ‘Sketch’ mode




We sat and had a couple of drinks in the fading light and returned to the villa.night


26 responses to “Egypt: in search of shells

  1. At least you got a few pieces, even if only small ones. It is very pretty there, and it looks so peaceful with the sea and sand and palm trees.

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  2. Quite a different collection of things to an English beach. Shame so many are private!

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  3. Your eye for the artistic never lets you down, Sandra

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    It looks lovely, though I do feel beaches such be open to all.

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  5. Shells. Yes. I remember Florida beaches and the plethora of shells mum would find and use for decoration. But I was surprised at the amount of coral bits you found. So glad you had good friends to be with whilst visiting this country. xx

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  6. What a beautiful place, but sadness lies underneath I suppose with the lack of tourists now. I wonder why the shells are so sparse?

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  7. The lack of shells does sound alarming. And I’m with you and Tialys about the lack of public beaches. Nevertheless, what a beautiful place.

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  8. You can never find any decent shells any more – where are they all? The concept of private beaches really annoys me – just thought I’d get that out of my system.

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  9. I think you had a very good time in Egypt. Lucky to have friends with a villa there.

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    • I did have a good time, it was lovely to spend time with my friends and get to know a bit about their life when they are out there – but Egypt itself is not having such a good time me-thinks.


  10. chrissiefizz48

    Lovely photos, shame about lack of shells, what are you going to do with the ones you found? How sad to see the buildings deserted ☹️

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  11. You have a clever camera! Sadly shells are disappearing from many beaches. When I was a child you could step onto any beach and be ankle deep in shells – now you are lucky to see a few pipi shells the gulls have abandoned on any mile long stretch of beach. Egypt seems a little sad seen through your eyes – or am I projecting?

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