Saturday Shells


vintage shellsOn Tuesday I found these shell people at Greenway House, the holiday home of Agatha Christie – oh what a delight that place is – if you ever get a chance to visit GO!

These were in the Morning Room along with other vintage shell designsvintage shells

vintage shell picture

The lighting is kept low, so it was not easy to get good photos.

National Trust

Such exquisite pieces of shell art

picture made with shells

shells, vintage

morning room

Agatha Christie spent 8 weeks of the year in this house on the banks of the River Dart.

The garden is glorious, the camelias and magnolias stunning – I have more photos to share with you


lots more!

Click on any photo to see it full screen.

Greenway House

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19 responses to “Saturday Shells

  1. It’s on my list for when we manage to visit the SW, Sandra

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  2. Not normally a fan of shell pictures, but these are amazing. I must visit this house. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Clearly there were more shells available for collecting back then. I hadn’t realised AC had such a life of privilege.

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    • No, nor me – it was interesting to get to know more about her – I overheard a guide in the house tell someone that she had owned 18 houses in all in her life time. I might read a biography about her one day.

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  4. Far from some of the ‘tacky’ souvenìrs you used to see (maybe stiĺl see) at the seaside but I think some of these, even with how well made they are, might not be as highly valued as they should be because of that association. Which is a shame.

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    • Yes, maybe, but as these are Victorian, I imagine some people value them for their history. I imagine genteel teenage girls sitting by the bay window sorting through their shell collections after a jaunt to the beach.

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  5. Wowsah! A place to visit, that’s for sure. Did these things all belong to Agatha Christie? Or where they collected afterward to fill the house?

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  6. W.O.W. !!! ! ! !

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  7. I can see why you liked those she’ll pictures. What an amazing number of shells they had to work with.

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  8. It’s amazing what people did, still do, with shells. I wonder if you have ever seen the shell cottage near Boncath?

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