In a Vase on Monday: Greenway House

rhododendron in a bowl

This bowl was catching the light beautifully at Greenway House (Agatha Christie’s holiday home) in Devon.

I visited on a glorious spring day at the time of the Camellia Festival and completely fell in love with the place. You can see more posts about it full of camellias, in the drop down list top left of the page.

The garden is huge with wonderful meandering paths giving views of the River Dart


One of the entrances to the Camellia Garden



And looking up –  a view of the house and the most spectacular magnolia


You can even stay there in the South Lodge


which gives you free access to the grounds after the visitors have left


and this is the view of Dartmouth


A white magnolia covered with lichen caught my eye

and wouldn’t you just love to have a greenhouse like this one!DSC_0557

It is a wonderful place – visit if you can!

Joining the others for the In a Vase on Monday party.


39 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: Greenway House

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  2. What a beautiful place to live in – and write! The scenery is idyllic and, yes, I’d love a greenhouse like that, and the acreage to stand it on.

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  3. I’ve never been but your photos really make me want to visit. Beautiful

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  4. Ooh yes, look at that glasshouse – whoohoo! Strangely, I have 2 rhododendron flowers just like this that I brought inside after removing some very twiggy growth from R Cheers – they look prettier in that big goblet thing than they do in the little pot I put mine in!

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  5. Your post today brought back very happy memories of visiting this fabulous house and garden almost 20 years ago – I’m an Agatha Christie fan so just had to visit. The bloom in a bowl is eye-catching.and beautiful.

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  6. Thank you for bringing this wonderful place to me. It is so beautiful.

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  7. Beyond beautiful!!!!!!

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  8. Will do! if ever I cross the pond, this beautiful place is on my list.

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  9. Oh my, what a beautiful place! And yes, I would LOVE a greenhouse like that!! ❤

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  10. That photograph of the spectacular magnolia is particularly lovely.

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  11. Deborah O'Brien

    It’s really quite some place, isn’t it? Of course, I would love a greenhouse like that, but only if I could afford the help to maintain it!

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  12. What a wonderful place, I will definitely visit if I can.

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  13. Beautiful place with stunning views …..and you were lucky enough to visit on a day when the sun was shining showing the house and gardens off in their best clothes.

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  14. You are obviously totally smitten 💖…. and I can see why.

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