Worbarrow Bay Blanket

Last year, in April, I was in a quandry about which colours to use in my Coastal Cosy blanket – and you dear readers helped me out – pinks or no pinks that was the question.

I finished the blanket back in the Autumn, but have been waiting for a suitable sunny day to take it to the beach for its Ta Dah! moment.

Yesterday was the day and we went on a fabulous walk at Tyneham before getting to the beachtyneham

there was a bit of resistance to climbing that hill but after seeing this sign


chatting about exploding cows got us to the top

towards Flowers Barrow

walking through coconut scented gorse bushes towards Flowers Barrow and looking inland at Lulworth CastleLulworth Castle

and then the most glorious view of the steep descent to the beachwindy cliff


oh my aching knees! but Oh! it was so worth it.


The blanket had found exactly the right place to be photographed

Worbarrow Bay, Dorset, UK, crochet blanket

and because it went so beautifully with the colours there, it has been re-named the Worbarrow Bay Blanket.

Master R and Little Miss M were happy to help me with the photo shoot.crochet blanket

and came up with some novel ideas of their own …

crochet blanket, Cosy Stripe

blanket angels

crochet blanket, Attic24 design

“we are a rock”

beach, crochet

“it would look good on this rock over here Granny”cliffs and blanket, crochet

beach crochet


and then back to hunting for sea glass


our haul after about an hour and a half

sea glass

tiny pieces of treasure.

We walked 3.8 miles bringing the total number of miles walked by Little Miss M and me to 65 of our 500 mile target.

More details of the colour order and the edging of the Worbarrow Bay Blanket to follow in a future post.


In case you would like to visit Tyneham and Worbarrow – here are the Opening times for this year.

Tyneham Open Days

Click on any photo to see it full screen.



41 responses to “Worbarrow Bay Blanket

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  2. Oh! that 3rd photo down from the top also takes my breath away!! I had seen the 4th photo/view of the Castle before and loved it. But the picture of the “top” WOW!! I am a bit scattered in keeping up with the blogs/internet lately- work has busier than ever, and as I age I am slower and wear out faster when there are so many work demands. I’d love to retire, but I’m afraid I will work up until the day I die, Lord Willing! Anyhoo- just wanted to let you know how much I loved that photo! And what a treat to see that beautiful blanket and beautiful colors on the beach! Eye candy!

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    • Did you click on the photo to see it full screen Eliz?
      I have to tell you it took my breath away too! So hard to completely get the whole feeling of expansion in one photo – but I tried.
      It is lovely to hear from you – I thought you must be super busy, but feel free to drop in anytime.
      Sending love and hugs. ❤


      • Oh Yes!! I clicked!! You do an AMAZING job of capturing the sheer beauty and I feel nothing but awe and joy when I see it opened up big on my son Samson’s 15″ x 23″ computer screen! I’ll never come to England, too many obligations in my life, but I truly know I’ve “seen” what you saw here.

        When I was around 12 my mom bought me a subscription to booklets printed monthly about every State in America. The booklets showed current landscape, things of interest, bit of history. I remember thinking Arizona looked so odd to me! Never felt like even going there! The pictures were tiny 2″ x 2″ stickers, so tiny that now I wouldn’t be able to see them at all! LOL! There was one photo of the Arizona flat desert-ish land with the mountain range in the back i spent a lot of time studying.
        Wouldn’t you know that when I was 30 we flew to Arizona to adopt our 2nd child. The Arizona airport was set in a very similar setting as that tiny photo, flat hot dry land and the mountain range. And I was so surprised that it honestly looked exactly like that photo! It felt so odd to have never been there! But I had seen it!
        I feel that way about your beautiful photos- I have seen it! Thank You! It is a great gift to me! and reading the comments I see that there are a lot of us who really love that you do this!
        (((HUGS))) and Love back!! :o)

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  3. I don’t think I was a ‘follower’ when you asked the question about the colours for your blanket but the pink works so well. The perfect spot to photograph it.

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  4. Fantastic photos, you are so lucky to live in what I consider the most beautiful area in the whole of England. As a child I remember standing high up on a hill like that overlooking Lulworth Cove where they were filming for the Onedin Line – now there’s a blast from the past 😉

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Stunning views and your blanket fits in beautifully.

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  6. Deborah O'Brien

    What fun you all had and such a lovely day for it. Why, you found more sea glass in one afternoon than I have found ever!

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  7. Gorgeous blanket!!! And well done you for waiting all these months for its proper premier! Rhetorical query — I see many walkers using a walking stick or two, and understand they help with downhill-itis, amongst other technical things. Had you ever considered them/it? Have often been across uneven ground over here and can understand thei usefulness

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    • “the usefulness of such technical equipment.” got wiped out. Please add mentally! 😉

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    • Oh Del, this is lovely – you are eactly mirroring a lovely chat I had with a guy of about my age who was coming up the hill as I was shuffling down on my bottom! (It is like it was YOU I met on the way down!)
      My daughter et al had long gone on ahead. He had a stick and very kindly suggested one would be helpful to me.
      As I replied to him – If I had known that we were in for such a steep climb I would definitely have taken my stick – but my daughter inadvertently sprung that walk on me when we were on route.
      You should see me when we go out for the day – I am a pack-horse with a back pack full of goodies, drawing things, camera, bags for collecting things, Swiss army knife ….. etc etc etc – people are always laughing at me, but if they need anything – guess what – i’ve got it!!!
      I was trying to travel a bit lighter by not taking the stick as we have been there before many times and always taken a much more sedate walk.
      That’ll teach me to try to travel light!
      ❤ ❤ ❤
      So lovely to meet you on my walk!

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      • How utterly delightful to have “met” you today whilst hiking! My goodness, you do travel well prepared! Do you keep your rucksack (hope that is correct) in your car boot, or home?!
        The sticks I’ve looked at online over here include light weight and folding ones, metal,


  8. Fabulous ! Loved your ‘angels’ helping you ! And I giggled and had to re-read the line ‘talked about exploding cows’ ! Thanks for making me laugh out loud.

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  9. But where is the picture of the exploding cows, I can’t believe you didn’t share one. The rock blanket looks really good . What a haul of seaglass. most enjoyable walk.

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  10. That walk, exploding cows, the beach, the blanket, photo shoot antics, a great day all around!

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  11. Holy cats, what a view! That blanket was perfect on the beach, and so many fun things to do with it. Also, nice beach glass haul.

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  12. Beautiful blanket in a beautiful landscape ❤ 🙂

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  13. I shall have to recommend Worbarrow Bay to my brother in Wells, as a beautiful spot for a day out, so long as he’s wary of exploding cows…. The blanket’s perfect in that landscape, and those tiny bits of pink pick out the colour in the pebbles, in the rock and probably in tufts of thrift in the cliffs at the right time of year…

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    • Yes, it would take about an hour and a half to drive there from Wells I would think – well worth it on the right day. Tyneham is only open on certain days when the army are not using it for firing practice. I will add the Opening times to the post so that your brother can refer to it.
      My daughter said almost the same as you about the colours in the blanket linking into the surroundings.


  14. What a beautiful spot! It looks like coastal Cornwall but I know it isn’t. Your blanket shots are such fun–the kids really enjoyed that and the blanket looks wonderful and well-loved.

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  15. It is absolutely beautiful! What a walk you had, but so worth it for those pics!

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  16. Looks like you all had great fun with the blanket. I expect you had fun too choosing the colour order when making the blanket.

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