Windows: Greenway and Tyneham

Greenhouse windows

Looking through the wibbly-wobbly glass of the magnificent greenhouse at Greenway House back in March.

The greenhouse sits in a peaceful walled garden looking onto the croquet lawn

Greenway House, Devon

Another view catching shadows on the inside


and in contrast,

the windows from inside the old stables at the lost village of Tyneham

seen on a recent visit with Master R and Little Miss M.

old stables

stable window

old lamp

I sat and crocheted at the picnic table outside while the children played a wonderful game of make-believe in the stables and barns


Have you spotted any windows of interest?

We meet here on the first Tuesday of every month to share photos of windows we have found.

Whether ancient or modern, each window tells a story.

Leave a link in the comments, any time this month, to a new or archive post – all welcome.


36 responses to “Windows: Greenway and Tyneham

  1. Hello! I just found this challenge via Cee’s challenge collection. Here is a link to a blog dictated by my horse Biasini.The second to last photo in the post is of him looking out the window of his stall and so that is my “window” photo.

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  4. I love those old greenhouses – my dad made his own once with a brick wall and white painted wooden frame.
    Here are a few window photos I catured on a recent trip to Scotland

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  5. Neat glass in the greenhouse and the thick stone walls are something we don’t see around here, they look so sturdy!

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  6. That greenhouse is just wonderful, such a beautiful piece of history still doing its job!

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a great collection
    Love the shadow pattern created by the greenhouse windows.

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  8. Love the greenhouse! A lovely selection of windows. Here’s my selection for May

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  9. A wonderful selection; I love the last three in particular. So evocative!

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  10. Nice! I enjoyed reading about how your grandchildren played make-believe.When my children were young, I so enjoyed listening to them play make-believe.

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  11. Lisa at Greenbow

    Now that is a greenhouse to wish for. Beautiful glass windows. The barn is amazing with those thick walls with windows set in.

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  12. Love those windows, especially love the wibbly wobbly glass!

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  13. Love the shadows in the greenhouse, and the windows in the old building are simply delicious. Here is my selection

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  14. Some lovely windows there – I love the old greenhouse. Why isn’t there more inside it though?
    Windows are a sore point for me at the moment. We are renovating our bathroom and it’s going to be lovely – however, we’re stuck with glass bricks for a window as we look over the neighbour’s ‘garden’ aka overgrown back yard and only from the first floor but the law’s the law. Too late, it occurred to me that we could have put a piece of stained glass in there instead 😦


    • The photo was taken back in March, there might be more in there now – there was also a kitchen garden with working greenhouses stuffed with seedlings and tender plants when I was there.


    • A shame about the bathroom windows – always far too many decisions to make when doing any kind of building work. Could you paint the blocks with glass paint in a colourful design?


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