Scrap Happy in the Garden

There I was thinking that I did not have any projects to share this month when along came another supremely inspiring post by Mrs Snail, (and Mr Snail)


  1. Farmers always seem to have old pallets lying around and I have a rather grand bug hotel which was installed in March 2012

The top pallets had been cut in half. This is how it looks nowbug hotel made of pallets

sitting happily under the amalanchier. I’d love to take it apart to see what it houses, but obviously I won’t!

2. Garden Benches

A friend of a friend is helping to run The Bus Shelter, a wonderful project for the Homeless. There is an old double-decker bus which sits in the corner of a car park just outside Weymouth and welcomes homeless people who need shelter or access to services. One of the guys who spends time at the Bus has been making garden benches from old pallets for the shelter to use. pallet benchesAren’t they brilliant!!!

They advertised one for sale and I said YES PLEASE!!! I also asked if a garden workbench/potting bench could be made and sent a photo I had found on Pinterest

Hey Presto!

workbench from old pallets

I’m so thrilled with this. I will put some chicken wire round the back three sides underneath and hopefully this will make a great outside potting bench in the garden.

I’m tempted to order another seat and a table – but transport is the issue. Now to work out how to get them to me.

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33 responses to “Scrap Happy in the Garden

  1. Pallets are a wonderful resource – most of our internal fences are made from them. And the Bus is a wonderful resource too

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  2. What a talented man to use re-use/re-purpose pallets in order come up with such functional and nice looking furniture.

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  3. What great furniture! Good luck with transport, and best wishes to this enterprising fella!

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  4. Such a great use of pallets!

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Great examples of reuse

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  6. Fantastic post! Love it all. Let’s hear it for recycling.

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  7. It’s hard to find pallets around here anymore–there are so many good ideas floating around about how to use them! I like the idea of a bug hotel–never heard of such a thing before!

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    • I’m not quite sure how useful my Bug Hotel (renamed Palace!) is but I hope it is a safe haven for some bees etc. If you Google it there are lots of info about all types, small and large.


  8. Lisa at Greenbow

    These are some of the most useful things I have seen made from pallets. Well done.

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  9. Your bug hotel is brilliant and I’m sure there’s all sorts going on in there invisible to the world of humans.
    I love those garden furniture sets and would also definitely buy one if I lived nearby because our wooden picnic bench thingy further up the garden is a health risk at the moment. Mr. Tialys is quite handy with hammer, nails and wood but just doesn’t get the time when he’s here to do anything but the essentials. He will have a very busy retirement when the time comes and/or he can afford to.

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  10. Isn’t that fabulous! I love your bug hotel and potting bench and those garden seats. I love clever people!

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  11. Wonderful scrappy furniture! I just had to say, that tree stump in front of your bug hotel looks just like a triceratops!

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    • Ha! Yes, triceratops – I see what you mean.
      I have not found a way to display it at its best yet. It has a lovely story: My daughter got married in 2006, their reception was in a bedouin tent like marquee in a field on their farm, she wanted the theme of ‘Fairy woodland with sparkles’ – I was gathering all sorts of materials to create this theme and into the field came her soon-to-be father-in-law with that stump on the front of his tractor – he had been eyeing it up for years in the woods and went to get it for us! What a wonderful surprise – after the wedding he kindly delivered it to my garden – it needs a pond to sit by. There are plans afoot!

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  12. Your bug hotel is a Ritz of bug palace. Love the benches too and the potting table- clever chap.

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    • I know – such talent! I’ve offered knitting and crochet lessons but no takers so far 🙂 🙂
      I’m going to rename my bug stack – The Bug Palace – thank you for that!


  13. So glad to have provided some inspiration. I love your bug hotel (it’s like the Ritz!) and I wish I was nearer to buy a bench – ours in the garden is finally unusable (after about 25 years) and I really need a new one.

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