Come walk with me at dusk

Cerinthe, not Limnanthes!

A neighbour arrived home in her car, so I waited til the chatting and door banging had stopped before resuming

More mistakes in the next video – sisyrinchium – not schizostylis. Acanthus, not agapanthus. Oh dear, I’m sorry, did you shout at the screen? I must think more about naming things if I ever make a video again.

Lovely to have you along with me this evening.


16 responses to “Come walk with me at dusk

  1. Oooooh! This was great fun!! Its absolutely beautiful!!

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  2. Nice to hear your voice and the blackbird (my favourite of all the birds) serenading you on your trip around the garden. I had no idea iris have a smell – I must go and stick my nose into one of mine. The ‘brown’ ones are about to open – I’ll take a photo for you 🤣

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    • Thank you Lynn, so happy that you enjoyed the blackbird – and me!
      I think only the bearded irises have a scent – the BROWN one doesn’t even have a stinky evil smell – and now it has been picked has gone almost completely black – which I have to say I prefer – although – even more evil!


  3. Dawn Heffernan

    Lovely tour you’re lucky to have such a generous plot!
    Picked out a little spot in my garden for the irises already 😘

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  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    I enjoyed your dusk garden tour. I was wondering what bird was serenading you along the way?? How nice that you can purchase such large amounts of mushroom compost. Nothing like that around here unfortunately. No wonder your plants look so grand. They get the best TLC.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the mini tour Lisa. It might be a bit over the top to have ordered quite so much compost but I seem to be always going to the garden centre for more. A neighbour will share one of those huge bags with me.


  5. You have a rather large garden! What a fabulous job you have done and are doing with it. I could really appreciate the evening atmosphere with the bird trills and the twilight and the insect sounds here and there and you soft voice guiding me through. Just lovely! I agree about those rubbish bins with holes drilled – best compost and best ‘tubs’ for growing shrubs in when you need to have a concreted area greened up a bit 🙂 That was a real treat Sandra, thank you ❤

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  6. Very true, but I guess there are worse things than being amongst nature with birds singing away. Cerinthe are one of my favourites.

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  7. Lovely trip around your garden. Looks like you have plenty to keep you occupied.

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