Silent Sunday





22 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Everyone else has already said it–that last photo is absolutely perfect. It says “childhood” to me.

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  2. Bet the swing wasn’t silent?!

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  3. I guess we all agree! The swing shot is amazing! For me it seeing your Grandson swinging with the far off view off in the background. I covet those “far off” views of England so much, and then to see your Grandson on the swing where its so lovely but the view is like the frosting on the cake! LOL! Hope you get what I mean. The other 2 photos I love as well, the first looks almost like your looking into another world! And the second is so lush and green! Just lovely!! What a treat!

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    • I really do know what you mean Eliz.
      The first photo shows a view that looks towards the village where my Great-Great Grandmother lived and worked as a sail cloth weaver 1821-1895. She was illterate and had a hard life, widowed just before Christmas when pregnant with her 5th child at the age of 28, she went on to have 3 more children and died aged 74.
      I was telling her story to the boys as we walked and looked at the views.
      We then went into the village and had lunch in the pub that her second son opened in 1895, just before she died. He had 13 children and one of his great grandsons still lives in the village.


  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a Lovely place and swing looks great fun

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  5. All lovely, but that last shot of the swing is definitely one for the wall.

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  6. Great shot of the swing – it’s definitely a keeper!

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  7. Going Batty in Wales

    Lovely photos!

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  8. Your swing shot is amazing!

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  9. That swing photo is an absolute beauty! Well done Sandra!!

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  10. Beautiful, and that looks great fun.

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